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Game Development Dictionary

Mencher, Marc

Specializing in game industry careers, Marc Mencher has helped thousands of job seekers. He is author of the book, Get in the Game; Careers in the Game Industry. He worked for several game companies such as Spectrum Holobyte, Microprose and The 3DO Company, before joining GameRecruiter.com. Marc served as President of the International Game Developers Network. He has spoken and held roundtables at several Game Developers Conferences and The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). In addition to representing the game industry’s hottest talent, Marc also volunteers his time as a career coach for graduates from Full Sail Real World Education, helping them land their first game industry jobs. His articles have been featured in GIGnews.com, Gamasutra, and GameWEEK. He works with the IGDA on chapter development and Games-Florida, a non-profit organization formed with the intent of nurturing and expanding the interactive multi-media industry in the state of Florida. He is also Technical Advisor and Executive Producer for the recently released PC Adventure Game, Watchmaker. Currently, Marc is working on the release of the PC Adventure Game Tony Tough and The Night of the Roasted Moths (PC) and a Action Shooter, Tsunami 2265 (PC & PS2), published by Got Game Entertainment.