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  2. https://discord.gg/DZPrnGClick to join now and join in with everyones development share snippets or even share memes see you soon!
  3. https://discord.gg/DZPrnGClick to join now and join in with everyones development share snippets or even share memes see you soon!
  4. https://discord.gg/DZPrnGClick to join now and join in with everyones development share snippets or even share memes see you soon!
  5. https://discord.gg/DZPrnGClick to join now and join in with everyones development share snippets or even share memes see you soon!
  6. https://discord.gg/DZPrnGClick to join now and join in with everyones development share snippets or even share memes see you soon!
  7. https://discord.gg/DZPrnGClick to join now and join in with everyones development share snippets or even share memes see you soon!
  8. https://discord.gg/DZPrnGClick to join now and join in with everyones development share snippets or even share memes see you soon!
  9. This is what my statement is about, you can put anything into a unity file but this also means building your whole architecture every time you change just a single line of code. If you can modularize your project, setting up Log System, Resource Manager or whatever once and never touch it, why should you want to put it into your unity file too. Instead compile them once and use a clever tool like Visual Studio that is able to know when to recompile. No need to process things never touched. @lawnjelly's suggestion of using development time DLL/SO and release time static libraries is a good addition
  10. Today
  11. hi. as you know we have many style of games that need different multiplayer architecture and connection model. for example architecture for XO or chess game is different from clash royale and clash royale is differnt from clash of clans and them from call of duty. as im working on some new ideas, im just looking for standards or best practices. question is : is there any best practices or i just have go for R&D for my games? if there is best practice for turn based architecture, turn organization and .... can you give me references?
  12. Zakwayda

    Capsule-Capsule Detection

    Too late to edit my previous post, but that code seems to test for whether the capsules are just touching, whereas I'm guessing you want to know if they're intersecting at all. For that, you only need check that the distance is < or <= twice the radius (or you can do a squared distance check and save some math). It looks like the source you're using as reference already addresses numerical problems. If there's some other issue you're trying to address via an epsilon, maybe you could clarify what it is.
  13. I'm positive my code is correct with the exception of my implementation of multiplayer functionality with the tracker bots. I'm following this course closely, I can't say i understand the way controllers work in C++ just yet, but i have an understanding that the code which controls my character is located within the Character.cpp and header of that. I appreciate the help alot, So i have to learn how to make a controller class then? Would you be able to tell me why this is the case? why controllers in C++ have to be separated from the character? I will check this videos out thankyou, much appreciations
  14. Matze Hu

    Translation needed?

  15. Zakwayda

    Capsule-Capsule Detection

    Irrespective of whether the rest of the code is correct (it may or may not be), I'm not sure how this is supposed to work: diff = abs( close_d - (2*S_RADIUS) ) if(diff <= epsilon): return True else: return False If the distance is less than twice the radius, then 'close_d - (2*S_RADIUS)' will be some negative value, and 'abs( close_d - (2*S_RADIUS) )' will be some positive value that's likely > epsilon, therefore the function will (incorrectly) return false. Am I missing something there? (I may be.)
  16. alimuzaffarkhan

    Looking For Constructive Criticism(My First Sprites)

    Constructive criticism... You do now that this is Internet. Right? :P Jokes apart... That looks good. Although, I am not a graphics guy by a longshot.
  17. fleabay

    plane game

    I see your point but it's not the same thing. I should have sent him a pm about the proper use of a blog but I don't want to get flagged as using the pm's as harassing and end up with another unwarranted warning.
  18. ToeBeans The Brave

    Looking For Constructive Criticism(My First Sprites)

    Thank you for the advice! I totally see what you mean about it seeming "glued" in some areas, and I'll work on fixing it. I found the videos that you provided to be particularly helpful and will be coming back to reference them
  19. Wow! I wish my first sprites looked like this! Very good job. Some things to note: 1. When you're doing an idle stance look for parts that seem "glued" or stuck. It looks as if the sprite is doing shrugs. You should try to incorporate more motion if possible. Adding in some "sway" could breath more life into the animation. 2. The same thing with the running animation, the shoulders and upper body appear motionless in terms of vertical movement. I don't have too much time to find resources but look at the end of this video. Notice the full body movement?
  20. Hello everyone! I'm new to programming and pixel art, and I would greatly appreciate hearing some feedback on my Idle and Running animations. I'm looking for constructive criticism so that I can become better at making sprites in the future, so don't hold back!
  21. Prototype

    Github and Viruses

    That's not an open question, it's simply 'no'. It could however trigger a vulnerability in the software used to open it, as we've seen with the JPG decoder in GDI. That's why it's important to protect your software from buffer overruns and such. I think the major reason GitHub has this in place is to prevent liability claims, after all you could theoratically download an infected executable with their service. You'd still need to run it yourself in some way though. There is no magic in your file system that lets downloaded files do anything.
  22. phil67rpg

    plane game

    well let me explain my blog, I first have drawn two planes using sprites they start on opposite sides of the screen, then they can rotate left and right using either the left or right arrow keys, or the "a" or "d" keys. also the ships can move up and down using the up and down arrow keys or the "w" or "x" keys. furthermore the ships can shoot bullets using the space bar key or the "s" keys. however when a ship gets hit by a bullet I want to draw an animated collision sprite but it does not do this.
  23. jbadams

    plane game

    My irony sense is tingling.
  24. The tools update script is needed if you build Unreal Engine from source (github) but not if you just use the download. How confident are you that your C++ code is correct, and that you're not using something like global or static variables that let data "bleed" between objects? How confident are you that your character has the correct controller assigned? (Characters need controllers, especially in networked games -- trying to drive Character/Actor directly is bound to fail because you're going against how the engine wants to work.) Can you get a simple multiplayer project to work correctly, using blueprint? If so, start looking at what's different between that project and yours. Here's the YouTube videos I was talking about, I highly recommend them! There's a little bit of networking update in 4.20 and onwards, here's another series of videos: Looking through these videos will likely help you get another view into how networking in Unreal is supposed to work in general, which will probably help you build up the skills necessary to debug whatever your current problem is. Another option is to start at the beginning, set breakpoints where your character is supposed to receive movement commands, and set a breakpoint where the keyboard input generates the movement commands, and then step through it all in the debugger, making sure that the data goes to the right point at each step. At some point in this process, you will find that the command somehow gets ignored, dropped, changed, or countermanded, or maybe just not sent upstream, and that will be your problem.
  25. ThinkSmall98

    Capsule-Capsule Detection

    Hi, I used the 3D shortest distance between two line segments algorithm at this website: http://geomalgorithms.com/a07-_distance.html#dist3D_Segment_to_Segment This function in Python is checking if two capsules intersect. I checked the algorithm from the website and it seems to work. I tried implementing an epsilon to help with floating point error, but I don't think I did it correctly. Help would be much appreciated. def check_intersection(particle1,particle2): decimal.getcontext().prec = 100 epsilon = 2**-52 #implement epsilon small_num = 0.00000001 #number to check if they're closely parallel u = particle1.get_s() #s1 v = particle2.get_s() #s2 p0 = particle1.get_p1_position() #P0 q0 = particle2.get_p1_position() #Q0 w = np.array([p0[0]-q0[0], p0[1]-q0[1], p0[2]-q0[2]]) #distance from 2 particles from their p1's a = u[0]**2 + u[1]**2 + u[2]**2 #dot product of u*u. Always >=0 b = u[0]*v[0] + u[1]*v[1] + u[2]*v[2] #dot product of u*v. c = v[0]**2 + v[1]**2 + v[2]**2 #dot product of v*v. Always >=0 d = u[0]*w[0] + u[1]*w[1] + u[2]*w[2] #dot product of u*w e = v[0]*w[0] + v[1]*w[1] + v[2]*w[2] #dot product of v*w D = (a*c)-b**2 #always >=0 #Set all to defaults sc = sN = sD = D #sc = sN / sD, default sD = D >= 0 tc = tN = tD = D #tc = tN / tD, default tD = D >= 0 if D**2 < small_num: # checks if SCs are parallel sN = 0.0 # force using point P0 on segment S1 sD = 1.0 # to prevent possible division by 0.0 later tN = e tD = c else: # get the closest points on the infinite lines sN = (b * e) - (c * d) tN = (a * e) -(b * d) if sN < 0.0: sN = 0.0 tN = e tD = c elif sN > sD: # sc > 1 => the s=1 edge is visible sN = sD tN = (e + b) tD = c if tN < 0.0: # tc < 0 => the t=0 edge is visible tN = 0.0 # recompute sc for this edge if -d < 0.0: sN = 0.0 elif -d > a: sN = sD else: sN = -d sD = a elif tN > tD: # tc > 1 => the t=1 edge is visible tN = tD # recompute sc for this edge if (-d + b) < 0.0: sN = 0.0 elif (-d + b) > a: sN = sD else: sN = (-d + b) sD = a # division to get sc and tc if abs(sN) < small_num: sc = 0.0 else: sc = sN / sD if abs(tN) < small_num: tc = 0.0 else: tc = tN / tD # difference of 2 closest points dP = np.array( [w[0] + (sc * u[0]) - (tc * v[0]), w[1] + (sc * u[1]) - (tc * v[1]), w[2] + (sc * u[2]) - (tc * v[2])] ) # dP = w + np.multiply(sc,u) - np.multiply(tc,v) #S1(sc) - S2(tc) close_d = (math.sqrt(dP[0] ** 2 + dP[1] ** 2 + dP[2] ** 2) ) # closest distance b/w 2 lines # check if distance <= radius * 2, if so, INTERSECTION! diff = abs( close_d - (2*S_RADIUS) ) if(diff <= epsilon): return True else: return False
  26. I re-installed the Unreal Engine and this fixed the issue. I don't know what a DLL is or how to use tools updater script. I don't have a Controller set up in the unreal engine, I'm still very much learning, but i feel comfortable with most of the terms and how to operate in the unreal engine with c++. Tom Said that there might be an Override function that isn't calling it's Super::MyFunction, which i could not find. He said that the character is automatically server implemented. But i am using different movement code in my Character.cpp to him. The thing i am trying to get my head around is that i am adding Code to the AI "TrackerBot" but that is somehow effecting my Character which seems odd to me. I am going to try some different things and see what works best. I am trying to avoid my code from becoming messy, i also can't do damage to these tracker bots for some reason, but i think i can fix that. My character works fine on the client side of things. I appreciate the help hplus0603
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