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  2. It's also possible that all of those virus scanning software providers that are flagging your .exe subscribe to a shared virus definition database somewhere, which your signature has been uploaded to.
  3. frob

    Where to find the correct DirectX SDK ?

    Correct, you cannot install DX11.2 on Windows 7. As was written above, DirectX has been tied to the OS version since 2006. The last OS to have separate editions of DirectX was Windows XP. DirectX 10 was Windows Vista. Portions of DX11 were backported in Service Pack 2 after consumer and developer outcry. DirectX 11 was Windows 7. Portions of DX11.1 were backported to Windows 7 in the service pack, but there was significant missing functionality. DirectX 11.1 was Windows 8. DirectX 11.2 was Windows 8.1. DirectX 11.3 was Windows 10, as the final update to the DX11 series. DirectX 12 is Windows 10, and there are three versions so far. There was the initial version with SDK 10240 (initial launch), SDK 15063 ("Creators Update", also called 1703), and SDK 17763 ("October 2018 Update"). You only get the functionality if you update Windows 10 to that version. No, unless you accidentally move from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1. If you want DX11.2, you must migrate the system to Windows 8.1. If you move to Windows 10 you get DX11.3. I think the last version of the Windows SDK that work SDK v7.1 from 2010. After that, VS2005 could be manually configured to point to the newer compiler and newer libraries and headers.
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  5. I admit stacking corpses tasteless example, but i remember such a situation in HL2: I stacked some boxes, got on a higher platform this way and from above it was very easy to manage an otherwise difficult situation with many enemies. I remember this moment the most about the game. It really was satisfying - and that's what games want to deliver. Surely it was not planned by the devs, but this way the game not only kept working within its designed illusion, it broke out of this. It became more than just a scripted, pre-animated show for puppets, and i felt agile and rich in options. Back then the option to stack boxes was something new for a FPS game - nowadays this would no longer work so easy. It works best with new elements, and it becomes harder to come up with new ideas. But you have to agree we did not see much (or any) progress with physics since then (rare exceptions). In this case it is not a lack of ideas, it is a lack of progress tech wise. And as a gamer i would classify your quoted comment as a bad excuse. Similar to 'games are so expensive now, we can not risk to do anything different than our proven success formula'. For long i thought such critique isn't justified - games are hard work and gamers know nothing about it, they expect too much, etc. But i'm at the point of changing my mind here. I don't think we can ignore their growing dissatisfaction for longer. Sadly they don't tell us what they want (only what they don't want), so we have to come up with something. Relying on next awesome GPU or console gen to push details is no longer enough. Better physics can help to create believable worlds, more rich in options, less restricting... closer to our vision of a virtual space of adventure and fun. (IMHO this better tech already exists - free and open source, just nobody cares) In this context... keep working on custom engines renderers / simulators / whatever... you might come up with something new! Interesting your experience with goat glitches was just the opposite than mine. Seems i'm just too picky about physics to be no spoilsport here
  6. CrazyCdn

    Where to find the correct DirectX SDK ?

    Yet he said he is running windows 7 😉 The only problem with the June 2010 Direct X release is it no longer supports Visual Studio 2005, so you will have to see if you can find a downloadable full copy of Visual Studio 2008 or 2010.. or even better, 2017 so you can put on a USB stick and bring home then. From the additional information tab: "What's New in the June 2010 DirectX SDKThis version of the DirectX SDK contains the following new features, tools, and documentation.Visual Studio 2010 SupportThe June 2010 DirectX SDK includes support for Visual Studio 2010. The DirectX SDK will continue to support Visual Studio 2008 as well. However, Visual Studio 2005 will no longer be supported."
  7. Yes other projects' exe-files are clean even in release mode.
  8. There are several possibilities: 1) Your cleanup was unsuccessful or it's a very resistant little bugger. You might have to do a clean install to be completely safe 2) False positives, but if you found and cleaned up the same malware I some how do not think this is the situation. 3) It is weird that it's not compiled into other projects though, which is a bit puzzling. You sure they're in release mode also when you tested them?
  9. Tristan Patrick Richter

    WC3 Trigger Style System

    Any easier way to do it which is serializable?
  10. acjh13

    When to prepare context?

    Hi all, I'm a new user to AngelScript and have been trying to integrate it into my C++ component-based game engine for the past week or so. I've finally settled on a design where my script manager will add all the scripts to the script builder, build the module and prepare the context all at the start of loading a scene.Once that is done, the script system will execute the context (but only while the game is playing, if it is paused it will suspend the context). However, I've been getting an error code asCONTEXT_NOT_PREPARED. So was I wrong to prepare the context too early? and is there a better design I could follow for a component-based engine? Thanks for your time and apologies if its too vague or too simple.
  11. Today
  12. Look here. This link explains an algorithm in OpenGL, but the principle is exactly the same in DX11. It uses the Even-Odd Rule. I find the Non-Zero Winding Rule to be more intuitive (visually, not for implementation). This is the wikipedia link and in the final comment in this thread you can find some more details on how to implement it. edit: to be clear: this technique does not triangulate the polygon, but it gives a pixel-perfect result, without any of the numerical issues you'd have with an actual triangulation.
  13. Uploaded it to virustotal and the file seems to have something in it. BUT: if i recompile it in debug mode it's clean. Below is the result for the file in release mode. Can there be something on my harddrive (hidden, i've cleaned all disks) that the AV app cannot find, but its built into the release builder somehow so it gets injected into the exe when it builds it? Or is this many false positives? Best regards Erik
  14. Oberon_Command

    Anyone who wants to write a little game engine?

    That isn't usually the intended gameplay experience. Designers and programmers have enough on their plate already without trying to support this kind of thing. But the physics glitches are the whole point of Goat Simulator! Every other game tries to polish that stuff away; Goat Simulator revels in the glitches. It's a parody of a game; it's supposed to be terrible, but in a funny way. "So bad that it's good." Those glitches are clearly amusing enough to keep a non-trivial amount of people entertained, or the game wouldn't be as popular as it was. The whole time I was playing Goat Simulator I was trying to break the physics. Especially with that absurdly long tongue... I think I was having the most fun when I was trying to stick my tongue to the car or the hang glider. Or watching the animations freak out when I blew up the gas station. The most disappointing things in Goat Simulator for me were the parts that didn't overreact and break.
  15. LorenzoGatti

    Why is Eclipse the most popular Java IDE?

    Eclipse is a good platform for specialized IDE tools, thanks to general purpose foundation libraries that work well (e.g. EMF/GEF), its robust (although heavyweight) OSGI infrastructure, and its development tools for plugins and variants. It's extensible but it avoids the anarchy of Visual Studio and other less refined IDEs.
  16. Hi there, My name is Dan and I am offering my services free-of-charge as an ancient history and mythology consultant to any independent developers that think they can use me. I have a PhD in Classics, and am willing to offer expertise in all aspects of ancient Greece and Rome, whether historical or mythical. I’m also a freelance gaming journalist and an avid gamer, so I understand games and a bit about the development process. I can be flexible with your needs, which could be anything from answering specific questions, to providing background on a topic, to reading through scripts, to anything else you can think of. I’m not precious over historical accuracy and totally get that sometimes the needs of the game come first! I’m new to this, so as I said I’m willing to do this for free right now, but would appreciate a credit in the final game and a testimonial if you’re happy with what I do. Any and all questions will be gratefully and enthusiastically received at or on twitter @dangoad. Dan
  17. Thoughts of gamer: Yeah, that's what you gamedevs do all the time. But i spot it! I want to be able to stack a pile dead ragdolls above each other, so i can climb up and pick up the shiny power up rotating there above. It would be so satisfying... i would feel so clever... But i can't do it. Because you lazy gamedevs just turn off ragdoll to hide you are unable to do proper physics. Now i can walk through the dead body as if it would not exist... lousy fakes. Decades ago you promised us physics would revolutionize games. But we never saw something batter after HL2, all you guys have learned is to turn physics OFF, but never to turn it ON. ...better going watching a movie now... ;P Ha, i wanted to mention Goat Sim too. Yes it was fun but it also is really a good example of terrible physics in games. Because the player IS free to have fun with physics, glitches happen all the time. Even this game is about nonsense, it glitches too much to KEEP being fun for longer than a minute. Trying to do something interesting always ends up in jitter, collapsing, tunneling or whatever. Probably i'm more triggered here than the average gamer, but i know we could do better. It's not that i disagree with your arguments, but there are options not explored yet. We should go there
  18. Oberon_Command

    Anyone who wants to write a little game engine?

    Oh, for sure. My point was just that most games don't need to focus on accuracy beyond stuff that's illusion-breaking. Very few space games even try to model orbital mechanics, for instance. You don't need an exactly accurate flight model in an arcade flight simulator. Hell, you may not even need to put in exactly accurate integration to get around stuff like jittering ragdoll bodies - just find a way to detect the jittering and then disable the ragdoll code for that body. I don't know. I had a lot of fun messing around in Goat Simulator, but maybe that's the exception that proves the rule here.
  19. Sound Master

    Where to find the correct DirectX SDK ?

    Ok, thanks for the info. Is there not a problem that i accidently install the to new version for my system ? btw : i have no internet connected to my programming computer, is that a problem ? I still have visual studio 2005 the profesional edition with box and discs, is that a problem ? The weird thing is i can only find this link : It has a file from juny 2010, a bit old.
  20. Hi guys So back in the day, GDI+ had the option of filling a polygon shape where the polygon points were specified in a sequential order, rather than in triangle index order. I am writing my own 2D rendering library using DX11, and I am mimicking the GDI+ function signature mostly. So now my question is, has anyone ever tried to triangulate a GDI+ polygon in an HLSL shader? Thanks JB
  21. LandonJerre

    Where to find the correct DirectX SDK ?

    There is no separate DXSDK since DirectX 10, it's bundled into the Platform SDK/Windows SDK, and the SDK "runtimes" are deployed through Windows Update. The latest Windows SDKs are kind of bundled with Visual Studio 2017 (you can select them in the installer), but you can download it separately if needed.
  22. Hey Lucas, I'm new joiner in this community as well. And I have the same goal to find group of people and work on some game. I have a few project right now. But they moving to slow. One of them is strategy game with online multiplayer (I've implemented multiplayer using Photon) and some stuff for kids. I use Unity for my gamedev activities. In real world I'm Software Engineer in Test. And I work with Java, Python, TypeScript, C#. Also right now I work a lot with AWS. I think that we can collaborate with all who interesting in the same thing. Brainstorm the ideas and start to work on the Best Game Ever I just created channel in Discord Hope That will see some one there!
  23. Sound Master

    Windows 10 makes old games crash fullscreen

    I made a new topic in the beginner section :
  24. Hi where can i download the correct DX SDK ? I have Windows 7 + Radeon HD 5850 videocard. with a fast search : The video card supports DX11,2 the windows 7 with updates seems to support up to 11.1 Is this real ?, can i not install the DX11,2 SDK on windows 7 ? Maybe i need the SDK 11,1 version then. Only i can not find the 11,1 or 11,2 SDK anywhere.? Where do i download the older SDK`s ? thank you
  25. _WeirdCat_


    Actually all i need is to define clear pathways as separated rects. I failed to imagine that thats why i asked. So thebquestion should be how to define a movable worksapce here
  26. Sound Master

    Windows 10 makes old games crash fullscreen

    My game does not looking like a payd game right. thanks for the reply`s
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