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  2. RandNR

    Dread Quest Arena

    Album for Dread Quest Arena
  3. I'm wondering if anyone has encountered this, or found a way to resolve it. I'm working on a FPS prototype in Unreal Engine 4 that allows a character to shrink down to the size of a dust-mite. The character starts slightly oversized, at 3.0 uniform; however, when shrinking, it seems like anything past 0.1 has no effect. It doesnt seem like I can shrink the characters perspective past that, even though I'm "technically" shrinking to 0.01 and even as far as 0.001. No difference. Now, from a third person perspective, I can get an NPC to shrink right down and out of site if need be.. I'm thinking it may be some limitation with the camera. Can anyone think of any ideas to solve this, without starting with a word at a much much larger scale? Thanks in advance, -Evan
  4. HunterGaming

    Unreal Engine 4: Dynamically Changing Input Bindings

    You can probably use something like this to get the key. https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/505287/print-screen-of-which-key-is-pressed.html Then you can use that information to update the key binding.
  5. Stephcraft

    Lets make a video game! - Project 16x16

    Created a discord server dedicated to Project16x16 to better organize contributors discussionsJoin using this url: https://discord.gg/zDJSCqd
  6. Today
  7. I have been playing around with a old game source (~2002, dx8) and upgrading it to dx9 (for now) and getting it to work - just for the sake of learning (instead of just writing new code and learning little). But since the source doesn't seem to have working shader logic - it's up to me to fix it. Currently limited to VS_1_1 (asm - because game has also precompiled shaders i don't want to start rewriting before i get it to work to begin with). The shader i have problem with is one they apply to some items added to the map. The ones without shader work fine - the matrix is calculated fine (rot, scale, position etc). Non shader version passes it to SetTransform(D3DTS_WORLD, (D3DXMATRIX*)w_matrix) And this works fine. Now the shader part passes it to the vertex shader logic that set's all the shader variables. And calls SetVertexShader() And this is where the entire map gets messed up - stuff collapsed to a single point or not even visible anymore etc. So what does the setTransform do in this case that i could replicate with a shader / what should i pass in? Taking basic shader something like this (or even less)? vs_1_1 dcl_position v0 ; Transform to view space(world matrix is identity) ; m4x4 r9, v0, c0 ; Transform to projection space ; m4x4 r10, r9, c4 ; Store output position mov oPos, v0 D3DXMATRIXA16 viewMat; D3DXMatrixMultiply(&viewMat, (D3DXMATRIX*)mWorldMat, &state->mMatView); D3DXMatrixTranspose(&viewMat, &viewMat); pd3dDevice->SetVertexShaderConstantF(0, (float*)&viewMat, 4); // Set the projection space constant D3DXMATRIXA16 projMat; D3DXMatrixTranspose(&projMat, &state->mMatProj); pd3dDevice->SetVertexShaderConstantF(4, (float*)&projMat, 4); Not 100% sure if the data in state is correctly stored - so what should those two actually be or are they even needed to replicate how "D3DTS_WORLD" works? Can u get some world/proj matrix from directx? Spent two days on this and i can't get it working. I can update with any additional info if required. I need a pointer to the right direction with this at least.
  8. ryan20fun

    Unreal Engine 4: Dynamically Changing Input Bindings

    How do you get the currently pressed key? UMG TextBox ?
  9. Jamal Williams

    City Building Pixel Art 3D Remodeling

    I call this a remodeling because I did the art originally in Pixel Art form. Enjoy! I did this last night on a livestream. I am thinking about doing more streams. If you are interested, you can follow me across different platforms. Get To Know Me On My Journey of Making My Dream Game. Check out my YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Jamora Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/codemaster_jamal/ (If you follow me, I will follow you back. Just send a DM. Preferably Game Development and Computer Science people but, anyone is accepted.) Checkout my deviantArt page: https://www.deviantart.com/jamora Add me as a friend on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/codemaster_jamal Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/bassmasta-3 Link to the Pixel Art I used as reference: https://www.deviantart.com/jamora/art/City-Building-125261075
  10. Vangelis St

    Toltec and the mysteries of the secret island

    @MobilityWins It is already released on steam. @Lotus Really thanks.
  11. The first one. 1 / 65535 becomes 0.98 for example. I'm using it as a bitfield and I'm using additive blending so it really adds up.
  12. I'm checking out Microsoft's DirectX Graphics Samples and having some issues with D3D12HelloConstBuffers sample. I run the sample and, as expected, there is a single triangle sliding across the screen. Problem is that triangle seems to jerk a little bit. I thought it could be synchronization issue but demo seems to be straightforward with just a single frame so that should not be the case. This does not seem to occur in Release build. Only Debug build has this issue. Is there an issue with the sample or perhaps something else is at fault? I have attached mp4 video recorded at 60 fps which shows the issue. debug.mp4
  13. Distance from the centre of your player to the centre of the ball won't help you. You need to look at the relationship between the ball and the line that defines the edge of your player's bat. Here are a couple of tutorials that may help you.
  14. Irusan, son of Arusan

    HLSL is it possible to output integers from pixel shader?

    The docs say "[a] pixel shader can output up to 8, 32-bit, 4-component colors, or no color if the pixel is discarded" which seems to suggest not. RGBA64 is not a DirectX format, do you mean R16G16B16A16_UNORM or R64G64B64A64_UNORM? In the former case, while you will experience some floating point error, it shouldn't be "large"; how are you coding your floats? In the latter case, there simply aren't enough bits.
  15. Im a beginner programmer in java script (hobbyist) and im trying to replicate pong in the p5.js web editor. i have this problem that i cant solve with the player colision, i tried several things. i ahve the distance from the player to the ball but i dont know how to use that information to make a colision detection. i provide you the code below: https://editor.p5js.org/p3nd_/sketches/rkAEBmgeV would be very happy if i would get help.
  16. I wanna know how many and what kind of developer, programmers... I need to create a Roleplay server un SAMP (San Andreas Multiplayer). SAMP is a mod of GTA San Andreas that allows players to play online. This kind of RP servers use a lot of commands such like /lock to lock a door, /seat to take a seat, /buy to buy items in a store... etc SERVER EXAMPLE:
  17. You should not do this manually. I DM'd you the full answer.
  18. Programmer71

    Form a team

    Hello i'd be interested into coding for your game, please contact me at vp8671@libero.it
  19. it is this part: static bool LoadGraphicsEngineOpenGL(GetEngineFactoryOpenGLType &GetFactoryFunc) { GetFactoryFunc = nullptr; std::string LibName = "GraphicsEngineOpenGL_"; #if _WIN64 LibName += "64"; #else LibName += "32"; #endif #ifdef _DEBUG LibName += "d"; #else LibName += "r"; #endif LibName += ".dll"; auto hModule = LoadLibraryA( LibName.c_str() ); .... I copied from the tutorial.
  20. You should link against static versions: target_link_libraries(YOUR_APP PRIVATE GraphicsEngineVk-static GraphicsEngineOpenGL-static) I guess you can DM me or create GitHub issues for these kind of questions.
  21. I'm experiencing large floating point precision errors during the conversion between 0-1 floats and 0-65535 integers. I'm using RGBA64 format for a texture. In Shader Model 3.0 is it possible to output int4 or something instead of float4 from pixel shader? This question is a bit similar to this: https://gamedev.stackexchange.com/questions/132123/is-it-possible-with-directx11-to-have-pixel-shader-output-an-integer-rather-than
  22. RoKabium Games


    Keeping up with the twitter hashtag of screen shots on Saturday!
  23. I have been able to build correctly with mingw 8.3.0. Tutorials and Samples work fine. But when intregrating with my project, I get following: warning: Failed to load GraphicsEngineOpenGL_64r.dll library It insists on _64r, but there is none. I cannot figure what the examples link against... CMake is not my strong point ;-(
  24. Aceticon

    make everything an object??

    It's taking it way too far. If oil is just something a container has but itself has no inherent properties (i.e. there are no different types of oil and oil itself does not - for game purposes - contain anything) then what you have is an attribute of objects which contain oil holding the quantity of oil that object contains (a float or int) as there is no additional information that needs to be held about the characteristics of the oil itself. In this context "oil" is like "credits" in the context of a space trading game - all that matters about it is how much a container has of it, how much it gets and how much it uses, as neither oil nor credits have any inherent characteristics themselves which are relevant and can change in the game. In general, if things do not themselves have inherent variant characteristics in the context of a program, then they do not get represented by objects, rather there are attributes in existing entities which do have variant characteristics (i.e. a lamp is an object because it has a number of variant characteristics, such as how much oil it has, whether its on or off, where it is physically located and so on). In fact, this whole way of partitioning data is not at all OO-specific: when, for example, designing the Data Model for a Relational Database, data pieces are split between data entities which have their own tables and data attributes which are just columns in tables for the data entities. In general, beware of confusing the real world with the program representation of it: whilst indeed in the real world oil/water/money do have characteristics important in certain contexts and are thus entities, in the program world you probably just have a simplified representation of those things where all oil/water/money is the same and indistiguishable from all other oil/water/money, and in that case those things are not entities in their own right, rather they are just attributes/properties of things that contain them, produced them or consume them.
  25. This is just a guess - You only need 1 device, but in theory you can have multiple queues. This is a comment from some tutorial code - "Swap chain needs the queue so that it can force a flush on it."
  26. @1024 Thats a neat idea! You mean have anchor points for the grappling hooks light up and require clicking on to keep the enemy ship in melee? And larger ships may have more anchor points.
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