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  2. Dreamart VR

    Dreamart VR is the direct interpretation of a dreamworld. The player resonates with the mere subconscious thoughts of the virtual character. The game consists of multiple scenes. Each Scene is directly or indirectly correlated to the previous scene, thus it unfolds the potential of a deep non linear VR experience. More Scenes are to follow soon!!! Download Demo here: https://limbicnation.itch.io/dreamartvr
  3. Check out my new Youtube video where I talk about Dreamart VR, a Virtual Reality project that I am working on !
  4. Exaples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_6cZzjfjSs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yDVM77lGlM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UC_eRcu2CY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6EJzNneiMA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-Q642Ln_Dw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_0G6WPuss4
  5. It's been almost 6 moths since i start trying to make simple 2d games, i am trying to understand how client-side prediction, server reconciliation etc. work, i've read many articles but i still don't understand how authoritative server works. I am about to lose my mind. I'd be very, very grateful if you know some simple examples (language doesn't matter), or articles that explain it well. I just want to be able to make a simple game like agar.io (ಥ﹏ಥ)
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  7. Feedback Survey: Are you interested in noir-style game?

    Many people viewed my message, but not one response. What could be the reason for this? Did I do something wrong?
  8. Buying a decent last gen laptop in the EU?

    Have you checked https://www.pcspecialist.co.uk/laptops/ ? I have gotten one for about a year now and have had absolutely zero problems. It's basically a desktop replacement (albeit 17") that sits mostly on a cooling pad (reserved for Summer, if needed, but it's been off so far). Cannot really talk about battery life, although with every extra turned off, I'm pretty sure I can get a decent amount of hours for coding. Also, you can get the extend 2 years warranty for full replacement if you so do wish.
  9. Multiplayer Pac-man Challenge

    Argh, forgot to publish it. Thanks
  10. My old laptop body is falling apart around the power connector (thanks again, Acer!) and I'm approaching the critical point where I'm pretty sure I will either short the entire motherboard or lose the connector altogether. I also want an upgrade and this time I figured I'd pay for it. So I started doing research and this is where I'm at. Wants: 15 inch, i7 8550U or better (hence the last gen cutoff), at least 1 thunderbolt, 16 GB ram, 1TB storage or easy access so I can upgrade it myself, battery life 6+ hours when coding (and compiling regularly). Price point is ideally less than €2000, but I'm willing to go as high as €2700 if the laptop is worth it. Nice to haves: touch, good to excellent RGB coverage, weight less than 1.5kg ------------------------------- XPS 15 2-in-1 looks nice on paper, but is off the table due to apparent thermal throttling and coil whine issues. The long-rumored HP x360 Spectre 2-in-1 with RX Vega graphics was supposed to launch on March 16, but so far I've seen absolutely nothing related to it. Previous models have consistently had the same issues as the XPS, though and HP's quality control appears to be horrendous to boot. The LG Gram 15 would actually be GREAT (with one possible caveat), but of course it's limited strictly to the US market. Oh, and it's out of stock, because of course it is. Lenovo's X1 Yoga and X1 Carbon both look fantastic, but I can only find one i5 model of the Carbon in the EU. The high end Yoga is readily available in the US. The P52s looks pretty decent as well and is available, but I can't find any reviews for it. Like - none. Which seems to suggest it's a localization issue. The Surface Book 2 looks nice, I guess. Just one thing, though: the price tag. Oh, and Apple is off the table. Because Apple. As for Acer - I've had 3 Acers now and they've all literally fallen apart (the screen came off, left 5 cm column of pixels stopped working, the body started falling apart around the power connector - in that order). Each lasted pretty much exactly 2 years. tldr; What is going on here? Why is the US getting all the goodies and there seems to be no way to (officially) buy any of this stuff in the EU, AU or presumably elsewhere (I've no idea about the Asian market). I would actually be fine with an incremental release, but I can't even find the older models of the Gram for sale in the EU and there seems to be zero indication as to when any of the above-mentioned models might become available around here. Like - daheck... So yeah - is there something obvious that I'm missing or has this always been the case? Here are a few less related technical questions in case anyone feels like chiming into the conversation: - is 4k on a 15 inch worth anything at all productivity-wise or does is it there to just demolish battery life? - is something as trivial as a cooling pad effective against thermal throttling? - why is quality control so horribly bad in what purport to be high end laptops/ultrabooks? The Lenovo link above has four 5/5 stars and two 1/5 stars, because for 20% of the people, you know, the device's screen came apart in a couple of days. Searching for problems with the XPS or the Spectre turns up a similar ratio.
  11. Musician needed for ABC Song

    Hi, Are you still looking for someone? I'd be keen to do it. Here's some of my recent work in audio: https://www.yonibresley.com/ Alot of the music you can find in there wouldn't really fit for a children's ABC video, but I can and do make other styles of music. Here's a quick playlist I put together for you of music that I think would be appropriate (can easily make music in a similar vein but make it more happy, or cheesy, or faster, or whatever)
  12. I want to calculate the position of the camera, but I always get a vector of zeros. D3DXMATRIX viewMat; pDev->GetTransform(D3DTS_VIEW, &viewMat); D3DXMatrixInverse(&viewMat, NULL, &viewMat); D3DXVECTOR3 camPos(viewMat._41, viewMat._42, viewMat._43); log->Write( L"Camera Position: %f %f %f\n", camPos.x, camPos.y, camPos.z); Could anyone please shed some lights on this? thanks Jack
  13. Hey Jarmo, Been a big fan of Moba/RTS for many years. Would love to contribute to your game. Do you have anymore information? Here's my website which has some of my sound/music work: www.yonibresley.com And if you're also interested in my personal music ambitions which is focused on abstract ambience and experimental dance music: www.soundcloud.com/breezydbr Can also compose a greater variety than is displayed there, specifically in the electronic world. Thanks, Yoni
  14. Changing number space with multiplication

    You are confusing three completely different and rarely related computations: Alvaro's shortest_distance_mod function: given two values A and B in the [0,M] range compute the minimum distance between them i.e. the minimum between the absolute values of A-B and B-A, Both values are in the [0,M] range, and obviously the smallest of the two is in the [0,M/2] range. In this context the meaning of such a specific operation is obtaining an angle from two rotations, measuring how different they are: the minimum value is 0 for A=B and the maximum value is M/2 for A and B half a complete revolution away. Given an arbitrary real number X, "wrapping" it to the [0,M] range. This can be done wrong (e.g. by accidentally wrapping -X) or very wrong, and in this context it is a particularly irreversible operation (the result between 0 and M is not compatible with the input value, it's an U(1) element and also an equivalence class of input values (i.e. R+k*M for all integer values of k) Given U(1) values represented as real numbers modulo K, represent them as real numbers modulo L instead. As you figured out, this is simple scaling; in practice, since it is mathematically pointless, you should do it exclusively for data conversion purposes. For example, a game engine embracing floating point numbers could use radians exclusively, L=2pi, but level files could represent object facing in fixed point, K=2^n for a small integer n.
  15. Name of the game

    Hello from cold Russia! I'm developing a game with my friend and we don't know much English. We need help of English-speaking friends. A group of survivors enters the center of the underground maze, maze is divided into sectors and people have to go there for resources in order to survive. In the maze are monsters and traps. Unfortunately, I can't describe all the details because of poor knowledge of English. How would you name the game so that in English it does not sound silly? For example "Maze walkers". Thanks in advance for answers.
  16. Oh, please, please, whatever you do, don't ask people about their weaknesses, unless what you are looking for is the ability to manufacture bullshit. If someone asked me about my weaknesses, I would either walk out of the interview or tell them that my biggest weakness is not having any tolerance for ridiculous questions like that one. Really, what do people expect to learn from such a question?
  17. Looks like my post was a bit unclear so i have modified it. I will be the one that will do the interviews and asking questions to hire people :). So I'm trying to collect a good list of questions to ask people to find out the experience level of them. I will also do it for roles where i have no real experience. As an example if i have to hire a physics programmer it would help to get some advice from physics programmers here on what questions to ask for such a role
  18. I don't understand where your confusion is coming from. Why are you so bent on using radians? In the question you posed about computing the smallest distance between 3 and 4 when wrapping modulo 4, radians are nowhere to be found; not in the question, and not in the answer. You just need a saw-tooth pattern, and the formula I gave you produces it.
  19. Is adverts in game worth it?

    Well, i read a lot of materials, and overall all agreed that Rewarded Video ads that users chose to watch are accepted and tolerated by players a lot more , one example give in one of those articles was Crossy Roads that made 300k $ from Rewarded Video ads. You can read an article here if you want more insight : https://blogs.unity3d.com/2015/01/13/crossy-road-and-unity-ads/
  20. Is adverts in game worth it?

    Even so your opinion has been very useful. It shows me insight into what people think of adverts. When making games we often forget that players don't have access to the statistics of the game and this greatly effects how they interpret our actions. I wonder if players like the idea of adverts as part of the game? Rewarding players for watching adverts definitely makes them feel better about it, but does the fact that the advert contributes to the game have anything to do with it?
  21. Prepare yourself for this one. Star Wars and raytracing? They're showing this demo live on the show floor. From the description:
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