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Increasingly unreliable

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Oh if only heavens could supply us with the forum-reader O:-)

No, seriously, I really think that an application that retrieves messages, posts, and gets news would be great. I even think that this app could be a http server, so we could mixture the actual website with the forum reader (in html, provided by the forum reader http server). There are many many ways to do something like this.

That way we could easily identify the read messages, the new messages, our threads, searchs...

Anyway, this is a semi-joke because I posted that suggerence in a previous thread

Web: Private Zone

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Well, here''s the thing about that forum reader idea..It could be done one of two ways.

You could retrieve the forum webpages themselves, parse them, and just convert them to the reader''s own little customized display. Or maybe do an XML thing, but regardless of what you do, you''re still getting a data file.


You could directly connect to the database and get your information that way, effectively placing all of the formatting and presentation code in the forum reader client.

The problem with both implementations is that they both require you to access the database to retrieve data. Accessing the database appears to be why you''re getting these 500 internal server errors. The presentation code isn''t killing it, I know that. So all a forum reader is doing is changing how the data is displayed. It might limit the number of webpages served should the client connect directly to the database, but there''s no way in the lifetime of this site that we are going to simply give people access to something like that. Maybe at some point we''ll be able to provide some sort of client, but until we get more security to even think about that, the site will remain a site with webpage access.

Kevin "Khawk" Hawkins
CEO and News Director, GameDev.net
Author, OpenGL Game Programming
Developer Diary

Yes (unless you fixed it in the past 24h)

[edited by - Fruny on June 24, 2002 1:01:51 AM]

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It happens to me every once in a while. I know it''s not my connection, home - Cable, work - dual T1''s shared among only 50 people.

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The exact error message I get is this(in Opera - IE has a tendency to give you ''friendly'' error messages unless you turn that specific feature off)

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error ''80040e31''

Timeout expired

/community/forums/post_info.asp, line 1037

I think it is pretty clear in which layer the problem is...


This problem can be blamed solely on microsoft.

Of course it can, and while we are at it, why don''t we blame them for the bad weather, world hunger, 11/9 etc as well?

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