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Smoke trails...

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Hi all! Do you know any cool method to create smoke trails? I have tried with a particle system but I must spawn a lot of particles if I want a nice effect. Any suggestion are welcome!

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I was trying to implement some dynamically created quads joined together in a stream. They would slowly expand outwards as billboards, and their endpoints would be properly connected, so there would be a lot of algebra every frame (since the orientation of the billboards depends on the viewpoint).

Also, the trail slowly fades away starting at the far end, and the texture is a smoke trail with an alpha component to it, and is tile-able along one dimension, that has a billowing animation effect.

I never totally implemented it, not yet anyway, so I don't know how good or bad it ultimately would look.

It's kind of an enhancement of the smoke trail behind the missiles in Half Life.

It probably wouldn't work well for a train or a fire, but I think it's suitable for jets and missiles.

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Well, I''ve been wondering about the same thing. What I was trying to do was implement a smoke trail (a general purpose one) without having to use a particle system (most of them intimidate me).

So I thought about it. Let''s say we have a sprite (sprite[4]) of a ball of smoke. Lets say sprite[4] is when its fully bright, sprite[3] is when the brightness starts to fade, sprite[2] is when the transparency really kicks in, sprite[1] is when its barely visible, and sprite[0] is when you cant see it at all.

Then lets think about a trail. If we fire a missile, it will go on a path. Lets say that path is

A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J. SO the missile goes from A to J.

Well, At point A, where we fire the missile, we create a sprite. Then when the missile reaches point B, we reduce the original sprite''s transparency down one and create a new sprite.

So in essence,

@A: sprite1[4]
@B: sprite1[3], sprite2[4]
@B: sprite1[2], sprite2[3], sprite3[4]
@C: sprite1[1], sprite2[2], sprite3[3]
@D: sprite1[0], sprite2[1], sprite3[2]
@E: , sprite2[0], sprite3[1], sprite1[4]
@F: , , sprite3[0], sprite1[3], sprite2[4]

Hopefully you understand that. The only reason it goes back to sprite1 and sprite2 is because its easier on your memory. You could always use a sprite5 if you want.

So basically whats going on is the first sprite is placed and goes until it wears out. While its burning, the second sprite is placed, and -it- goes till it burns out. While -it- is burning, the third sprite is placed, etc.

Hope that helps.

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Pretty good link:

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