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OpenGL Alt-tabbing out of full-screen Win32 OpenGL games

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Hi, I noticed that when I alt-tab out of my Win32 OpenGL game, the resolution stays at the game resolution, rather than automatically switching back to the user''s resolution. I am using the ChangeDisplaySettings() function to change the resolution. I tried putting ChangeDisplaySettings calls in response to the WM_ACTIVATEAPP event, like the code below. That works, except that when you switch back into the game, the viewport is shifted down a lot (and calling glViewport() again doesn''t help.) Here''s the code I tried: case WM_ACTIVATEAPP: IsActive = (BOOL)wParam; if (IsActive) { SetDisplayMode(resx, resy, resbpp); SetWindowPos(hWnd, NULL, 0, 0, 0, 0, SWP_SHOWWINDOW | SWP_NOCOPYBITS | SWP_NOMOVE | SWP_NOOWNERZORDER | SWP_NOSIZE | SWP_NOZORDER); } else { SetWindowPos(hWnd, NULL, 0, 0, 0, 0, SWP_HIDEWINDOW | SWP_NOACTIVATE | SWP_NOCOPYBITS | SWP_NOMOVE | SWP_NOOWNERZORDER | SWP_NOREDRAW | SWP_NOSIZE | SWP_NOZORDER); ChangeDisplaySettings(NULL, 0); } break; If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. - Andy Oxfeld

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Just a wild guess but have you tried doing the same thing within the WM_PAINT message handler??

I believe in Windows when you activate an application, besides the WM_ACTIVATEAPP message, it should ALSO get the WM_PAINT message..

Maybe making IsActive a global variable will help as well..

Just a guess!


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