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Mordoch Bob

Input in GLUT

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The general form for the GLUT input function is void input(unsigned char key, int x, int y). However, this doesn''t allow for simultaneous pressing of keys (though there are methods for checking whether shift, control, or alt are pressed). Is there a trick of some sort I''m unaware of, or is this just a basic failing of GLUT? ------------------------------------------------ The wind shear alone from a pink golfball can take the head off a 90-pound midget from 300 yards. -Six String Samurai

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disable key repeat (check the help or the header for the command)
there are 2 messages ''keypressed'' + ''keyreleased'' if a ''key pressed'' message has been sent the key is pressed AND held until the ''key released'' callback gets called.
thus store all the keys states + then when u wanna see if a key is pressed just check the state

eg example bogus code
bool key_state[256];

glut_key_pressed( int char )
key_state[ char ] = true;

glut_key_repressed( int char )
key_state[ char ] = false;

if (key_state[ ''A'' ] ) move left; // 65
if (key_state[ ''B'' ] ) move up;

thus its possible for both A+B to be pressed

also check the keyboards... document here


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Beware case sensitivity though :

Hold a , then hold SHIFT and finally release a
you get a key-press a and a key-release A

Edit: And while you're at it, consider what to do with people with a different keybord layout than yours

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