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Best 3D map editor?

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Hiyas once again on my journey to produce some kind of a 3D game, I''ve come to a couple of conclusions. Firstly, the worldcraft .map file format is not a great file type to use so far IMO. I have a 75% complete *.map file viewer but found that because vertices are calculated as the intersection of planes, you run into major problems when trying to work out if a vertex lies inside the bounds of all of the planes. I have found that even using epsilons to check values (a kind of fuzzy compare rather than x=y) you either tend to end up with deformed geometry or valid vertices being removed. No matter how much I change the method that is used I can''t strike a balance that produces geometry that is 100% correct 100% of the time, and the geometry that is not correct is highly ugly. I''m of the feeling this may partially be because directX uses floats for its functions rather than doubles. I tend to find that anything with faces that are not facing at multiples of 90 degrees are rendered incorrectly. Some objects are, others are not, it seems partially dependant upon the size of the object and partially dependant upon how many planes the object is constructed of. Thus cylinders are always rendered incorrectly as they have a lot of planes, pyramids usually render correctly but if they are excessivly large or small may render incorrectly Secondly I don''t know if its worth going to the effort I''ve gone to so far just for basic geometry, if it were for lighting or something a little more advanced then i''d feel justified spending so much time working on perfecting it, but as it stands I think I''m wasting time that could be better spent elsewhere if I used alternative methods instead. Thus I''m looking for a little advice. What do you guys use to design your game levels? I''ve seen milkshape 3D reccommended a lot, but personally for levels, I think it majorly sucks as it is so obviously only really intended for low poly character design. I''m tempted to look more into Q3Radiant BSPs but I don''t know much about compiled formats at the moment. Even so, I hope someday to release my project as shareware, and so far as I am aware, it''s not legal to use Quake 2 or 3 tools to produce commercial software? Does this include shareware? If this is the case, is anyone able to advise me of an affordable (or free?) editor that is capable of making good quality game levels in a file format that is reasonably easy for a novice (as opposed to total newbie!!) to extract necessary data from? I think I''d be capable of building an octree from raw vertex data following roughly along the lines of Jims book, but I don''t know too much about reading data from a map precompiled into a BSP already. Basically my objective is to build a simple 3D game using reasonably up to date 3D techniques for the levels. I don''t really like the idea of using .x files for levels because as I previously said I find milkshape horrible to use for levels. I figure if I''m going to demonstrate my ability to produce a game, why use something for what it was never intended for? I''m partially considering sayng to hell with it and just using milkshape again anyways because at least its easy enough to load the geometry and then I can get to work on making the game rather than worrying about this any more (ie focus on making the game rather than worrying about it''s graphical abilities), but I''m never one to give up just like that, so if anyone can offer any advice/tutorials/any other resources, I''d really appreciate it PS has anyone else been unable to get to gamedev for the past day? I keep getting conection refused messages here and there?? Oh and if its of any relevance here are the strange errors I get... see how most geometry is rendered correctly (albeit single textured) I have marked in orange, one example of invalidly created vertices, the example marked 2, if you can just make out is one extra invalid vertex on the cylinder, from this angle its hard to make out but it''s certainly slightly mishapen.

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