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Please test my game!

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60 fps @ 60 hz (didnt set my monitor any higher )

geforce 2 GTS 64mb DDR
athlon 1000mhz
640mb 133mhz ram
Windowfan cooling (no joke my cpu fan burnt out and im to lazy to get a new one this works better though, cpu temp = 23 degrees celsius)

ps where is the damned circle of doom! i spent 25 minutes looking and couldnt find it i was about to cry but i gave up instead

[edit] Oh yea 1024x768x32 + antialiased lines [/edit]

[edited by - kajjait on June 25, 2002 5:23:25 PM]

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heh, for a moment there, I thought that said
Hello World.html

256mb RAM
32mb GeForce 2 MX
1.7GHz Pentium 4
Antialiased lines

It's good.
I think it'd look better if you used mim-maps, because at the moment you get an interesting moire pattern appearing on the walls in the distance.
The character bounces a bit too much.
When you walk into walls and carry on walking at an angle to the wall it's very jerky.
But it's good. Better than anything I've done.

Good luck with it,

John B

[edited by - JohnBSmall on June 25, 2002 6:24:50 PM]

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Of course after 25 minutes of searching, you had to realise that there is not a circle of doom (yet) .You didnt told me if you liked or not the game
PS: probably this Windowfan thing is not a very good idea.Probably with your fan also burned the cpu temprature meter

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