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Device Context Help

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Im writing a Eprom Programmer Front End. I have a predefinded window size. I want to display all the messages and text, and eventually the hex file bytes on the main window. So what I did was I wrote two functions.... void DisplayText( void ) and void WrapText( int maxStringLen ); Heres the code:
  void DisplayText( void )
	static TEXTMETRIC textInfo;
	static int scrnX = 0;		// Used for screen height maximum

	static int scrnY = 0;		// Used for screen width maximum

	//int length;		// Used for length of string

	RECT windowRect;// Current Window Rect

	static int nLine;

	hDC = GetDC( G.hWnd );				// Get the current Device Context

	GetTextMetrics( hDC, &textInfo );	// Get the text info.

	G.length = strlen(G.szBuf );			// Get the length of the string buffer,

	GetWindowRect( G.hWnd, &windowRect );

	scrnX = (windowRect.right- windowRect.left) / textInfo.tmMaxCharWidth;	//Calculate the number of Chars that can fit on a screen

	scrnY = windowRect.bottom - windowRect.top;								// Calculate the number of lines that can fit on the screen

	nLine = textInfo.tmHeight;			// Get the Height of the current Font

	// Set position to start printing to

	G.x = 0;		// Always start at the beginning of the line

	G.y = ( ( G.Line + 1 ) * nLine );	// Calculate the next line

	// Test the length of the string. If the string is longer than the screen

	// Wrap the text to the next line.

	if( G.length > scrnX )
			G.length = scrnX;
			G.y = ( ( G.Line ) * nLine );
			InvalidateRect( G.hWnd, NULL, FALSE );
			//TextOut( hDC, x, y, szBuf, scrnX );

			WrapBuffer( scrnX ); // Pass the Buffer, and Crop value

			G.length = strlen( G.szBuf );
		}while( G.length > scrnX );

		G.y = ( ( G.Line ) * nLine );
		InvalidateRect( G.hWnd, NULL, FALSE );
		//TextOut( hDC, x, y, szBuf, length  );

		G.y = ( ( G.Line ) * nLine );
		InvalidateRect( G.hWnd, NULL, FALSE );

void WrapBuffer( int scrnX )
	int length = 0;
	length = strlen(G.szBuf);

	for( int i = 0; i < length; i++ )
		if( G.szBuf[i+(scrnX+1)] == NULL )
			G.szBuf[ i ] = NULL;

			G.szBuf[i] = G.szBuf[i+(scrnX+1)];

And in my WM_PAINT I Have
case WM_PAINT:
		HDC hDC;
		// Paint the screen

		hDC = BeginPaint( hWnd, & ps );

		// Dump the contents of the String Buffer to the screen

		TextOut( hDC, G.x, G.y, G.szBuf, G.length );

		EndPaint( hWnd, & ps );

Now my problem is that the screen keeps refreshing and I only get the last line of text I write to it.....I know there is a way of fixing this by creating a virtual DC to draw too, but Im not exactly sure how to do this.....any help would be well appreciated....its a small but annoying problem Im having. I know the answer is under my nose but I can''t figure it out....maybe I need more coffee..hehe...thnx dudes. -=Carnage=- Let the carnage begin...

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