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Need help making a nurb translucent

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I have a series of nurbs that need to be transparent or translucent. I am not sure what the difference is but I was wondering if their is a built in NURB function to make this happen? If not, is there another way of going at it? I am still new to OpenGL so hopefully it is not to complicated to where I can''t understand. Thanks, Laura laura stephens

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Transparent means totally clear.
Translucent means partially clear.
(and of course opaque means totally solid.)

I have no experience with NURBS objects; you can probably use blending to make translucent surfaces though. Look into GL_BLEND, glBlendFunc, and glColor4x (e.g. glColor4ub or glColor4f).

As a note, no truly transparent objects exist; if they did they'd be invisible since all light passes directly through them. One of the "most transparent" substances you've seen is glass, but it's still translucent. Often people simply express things in "shades" of transparency instead of translucency, because the former is more familiar, and there's nothing really wrong with that (except that it grates on the nerves of really technical people sometimes ).


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