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Im trying to move a camera with a quaternion. Ive got the rotations down fine, 6DOF, looks great. My only problem is that I cant figure out how to move the camera based on the direction vector. It seems to move fine if I dont rotate the camera, it will move back and forth but when i rotate while moving it all goes to hell. here is some sudo code
Vector3 position;
Quaternion rotation;
Vector3 directionVector = getQuaternionDirectionVector(rotation);
position.x += directionVector.x * timeDelta * speed;
position.y += directionVector.y * timeDelta * speed;
position.z += directionVector.z * timeDelta * speed;
anyone know what Im doing wrong?

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first this is how i extrect the vied vector from the quaternion matrix

ViewDir[0]=matrix[2 ];
ViewDir[1]=matrix[6 ];

this will give you the idea of the row / column orientation ( i hope )

__forceinline void OBSERVER::Right( float speedx )
// translate x

__forceinline void OBSERVER::Up( float speedy )
// translate y

__forceinline void OBSERVER::Forward( float speedz )
// translate z

if you want to reverse the direction just give a negative value to the speed factor.


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I think the problem has to do with the way im rotating/translating the world. The objects seem to handle the rotating/translating just fine. But if I move the camera''s rotation but not the position it looks fine. Currently I have a CCamera which holds a Vector for the position and a Quaternion for the rotation. My world view is a CCamera and all the things I draw have CCamera''s.

So lets say I have a camera and 1 object. And I want the to see the view from inside the object.

Quaternion objectRotation;
Vector3 objectPosition;
Quaternion worldRotation= objectRotation;
Vector3 worldPosition = -objectPosition;
Matrix4 view;
view = worldView * worldRotation.getMatrix();
glMultMatrixf(view.m); // view.m is a float[16]

view = objectView * objectRotation.getMatrix();
glMultMatrixf(view.m); // view.m is a float[16]


Would this be correct?

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I didn''t understand your last post, but is it possible that you need the inverse rotation quaternion? Something like:
Vector3 directionVector = getQuaternionDirectionVector(getQuaternionInverse(rotation));
Inverting a quaternion is not that hard... if you don''t know, just search in google. I would give it a try, as you often store the inverse rotation in your camera quaternion (rotate head right == rotate world left).
Or do I mix up things here?

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