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Getting 3D card core, memory speed…

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nope, d3d nor opengl give you this information. video mmemory size is retty reliable (obtained easliy through d3d, and pretty sure opengl). getting free vidmemis not reliable at all.

actual memory speeds is not happening because many vendors dont even let their drivers get this information. its useless anyway.

atual core clock speed is not availible either, again useless.

actual video card can be figured out based on the vender string supplied by d3d or opengl. though depending on the drivers (ie reference vs custom drivers made by the actual board maker or pc supplier) you will get different strings. ussually useless.

any features can be figured via enumerating d3d caps or opengl extensions. that should be all you need, and the most reliable way to do things. let the user decide detail settings since they should know to turn detail levels down when things get slow.

if your trying to write a special cpuid for video cards (ie not gaming related). you will have to write code specific to each and every video card to get the information you want. personally i would stick to using whateven opengl or d3d enumerate for you. actual memory frequency means nothing to the coder since you cant figure out fillrate or anything else from that number. instead create a benchmark to figure speed out.

search the net, you may find something useful.

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