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Sorry if this is blunt but i really need a solution to this problem quickly. Here''s the question: I am trying to create a function that captures the vertexes contained within a mouse''s selection field. Basically what i do is I drag the mouse across an area, and it does a check to find out if the vertexes (which are glfloats) are contained within the area i dragged across. Here is how I went about: 1. records the first mouse down X,Y coordinates 2. records the X,Y coordinates when mouse up 3. passes to a function the 4 coordinates. Note: The scale mode of the picturebox is PIXELS. (This is vb, but you can give me c++ solutions) Now I am in desperate need of a way to convert the 4 cordinates from pixels to the floats of the 3d world cordinates. For example, the pixel for the oldX mouse cordinate is 300. I need the formula or a way to convert that 300 to a float as used in the 3d world data files. If you still do not understand, here is the solution that I got which doesn''t quite cut out.
''this is for the top down viewport 
Public Sub Check(oldX As GLfloat, oldY As GLfloat, _
    newX As GLfloat, newY As GLfloat)

    picRight = Form1.picCamera.ScaleLeft + Form1.picCamera.ScaleWidth
    picBottom = Form1.picCamera.ScaleTop + Form1.picCamera.ScaleHeight

    ''this is to center the x and y cord
    oldX = oldX - (picRight / 2)
    oldY = picBottom / 2 - oldY
    newX = newX - (picBottom / 2)
    newY = picBottom / 2 - newY
    ''this working is supposed to do the conversion
    oldX = 2 * (oldX + Look(1).x / 2)
    oldY = 2 * (oldY - Look(1).z / 2)
    newX = 2 * (newX + Look(1).x / 2)
    newY = 2 * (newY - Look(1).z / 2)

however I end up with large results like -111 or 52, which can''t work well with the tiny 3d cords like 0 or -1. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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it''s an assignment due in a few hours. and i still can''t figure it out. but it''s ok i''m not forcing anyone to answer.

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Oooh! thanks. i''ve found an alternative (which isn''t very applicable) i just divide the result by 100 which gives around the same wavelength of figures as the 3d coords

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