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Particles w/in a mesh

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I''ve been working on learning DirectX for about a month now (don''t laugh... everybody''s gotta start somewhere) and I came across a problem... I''m trying to make a game that''s sorta a combination of MaxPayne and Messiah, and I was planning on using particles and a few point lights w/in a wing shaped mesh to be used as my angel''s wings. the thing is... i want some of the particles to sorta "leak" out the bottom of the wing. the effect I want is to make them look like flowing energy and have it dripping from the bottom of the wings. I just dunno if it''s possible... I had a couple of ideas. One was to create the mesh w/ an alpha value of 0 and point the normals inward, but I don''t know how to do the collision detection... I''ve only been working w/ bounding spheres up to this point, and I figure I''m going to have to use per polygon collision detection for this. *sigh* I didn''t explain it very well.. I''m gonna try and upload an example pic. If you kinda get the jist of what I''m saying please toss a few suggestions my way. thanx

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I am not sure if I *totally* understand what you mean but I would suggest you start by writing a simple particle engine. You can then attach a particle system to the Angel''s wings and take it from there. Provided you know the Angel''s wing position, velocity, etc. you will be able to provide the necessary parameters to the particle system which, in turn, defines the behaviour of the ''leaking'' particles.

As for the point lights... hmmm... again, not totally sure what you mean. Personally I would not use point lights for anything similar to what you are suggesting. Ideally use your particle engine with different blending modes (to achieve the effects you desire).

Not too sure how useful this has been, but good luck with the game anyhow.


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