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Help need with an error

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Hi, after coding a CWorld class to handle all my objects in the world i was faced with an error that really can''t solve. error C2838: illegal qualified name in member declaration The compiler points to CWorld contructor. All my objects(3d models for example) are derived from a class called CObjects, CObjects is derived from a class called CNode. Hope you understand it. If you need for information, just say it. Thanks and bye.

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You should propbably include some code so we can see where the error occurs.

Make it work.
Make it fast.

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The error occurs when compiling world.cpp
Here is a bit of code.

// World.cpp
#include <windows.h>

#include "World.h"

// Constructor
{ // <-- compiler points to HERE.
this -> cube = NULL;
// this -> map = NULL;
this -> player = NULL;

this -> player = new CPlayer;
this -> cube = new CCube;

this -> player -> AttachNode(this -> cube);

And now here''s the class definition:

// world.h
#ifndef WORLD_H
#define WORLD_H

#include "Cube.h"
#include "Player.h"

class CWorld

// CMap *map;
CCube *cube;
CPlayer *player;


void Draw();

void Load();


If you need something more, just say it.
Hope the error isn''t my eyes, if you know what i mean.

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After having had a look at the error-message you describe at MSDN ( I''m assuming you''re using VC++ ), I''m leaning towards there being a problem in "cube.h" or "player.h" ( most likely in player.h ) with closing curly braces.
For a (not very ) detailed description of the error-message, check this link, or this link ( the information found in both these links are practically identical ).


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