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Where would you guys place the Object Manager? (Game Engine or Application side)

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Hello Guys, I would like some oneto give his/her point of view about where a Object Manager should be placed. I have been talking with some friends and all said that it should be placed in the aplication side, but I don´k like the idea. The thing that leads me to think they are not totally right is that I tend to push things that will be the same for all games into the game engine. What I mean is: 1 - I have things splited this way in my design: APPLICATION DATA - APPLICATION - GAME ENGINE. APPLICATION DATA: Images, meshes, etc.... APPLICATION: Here is where game logic is made. GAME ENGINE: generic code independant of the type of game you are creating, plus some utils, etc.... 2 - My enemies, players, etc... are classes defined in the application side. My Game Engine will give me a CObject or something like this from where every enemy, etc... will inherit. This objects will be registered thought the game engine and added to a Plugable factory, this way, I can have all the object manager thing written only once (into the game engine, and not writing one for every game I want to make). Then I will add the objects to the scene manager and attach them to the world, etc... and my renderer will go through the scene and paint everything. Is this a good design for you?, pls bring some light here. Anybody sees any drawbacks?. Thnx in advance. HexDump. [edited by - HexDump on June 28, 2002 1:25:13 PM]

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I tried the same thing, bits worked well (I''m still using the input -> pawn lock), but It got a bit messy when writing the main game code, as I had to keep going through the engine to get pawn data. I''m writing a modifed version now with all objects in the engine, but with the engine itself as the main app windows/systems wrapper outside it, loading, AI and physics functions inside.

So, yes I think its a good idea, used carefully (loading abstraction problem solved , many different types in same file).


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