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fprintf access problem

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Hi everyone, I''m working on this tiny program trying to learn to use pointers with structures. In the program I am writing data from a structure to a file using fprintf. I am able to write one string and two ints to the file but when it tries to write one of two other strings it crashes with: some memory address referenced such and such memory address could not be read. The strings causing the error are identical as far as I can tell to the string that succeeds. Here is my header.
typedef struct{
	char *name;
	int age;
	char *city;
	char *state;
	int zip;
And here is my source file.
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "database.h"

int main(void)
	FILE *database;
	database = 0;
	employee emp1;

	emp1.name = emp1.city = emp1.state = 0;

	database = fopen("c:\\test.txt", "w+");
	if (database == 0)

	printf("%s", "\nEnter your name: ");
	emp1.name = (char *)malloc(20 * sizeof(char));	
	if (emp1.name == 0)
	scanf("%s", emp1.name);

	printf("%s", "\nEnter your age: ");
	scanf("%d", &emp1.age);

	printf("%s", "\nEnter your city: ");
	emp1.city = (char *)malloc(20 * sizeof(char));	
	if (emp1.city == 0)
	scanf("%s", &emp1.city);

	printf("%s", "\nEnter your state: ");
	emp1.state = (char *)malloc(20 * sizeof(char));	
	if (emp1.state == 0)
	scanf("%s", &emp1.state);

	printf("%s", "\nEnter your zip code: ");
	scanf("%d", &emp1.zip);

	fprintf(database, "%s%s\n", "Name: ", emp1.name);
	fprintf(database, "%s%d\n", "Age: ", emp1.age);
	fprintf(database, "%s%s\n", "City: ", emp1.city);  //Here is I get read error

	fprintf(database, "%s%s\n", "State: ", emp1.state); //I also get it here.

	fprintf(database, "%s%d\n", "Zip Code: ", emp1.zip);
When it writes the state or city I get the crash even when everything else is commented out. All the other stuff works when those lines are commented out. Can anyone see something that I might be missing?

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it may be that you are taking the address of something that is already a pointer. take the ''&'' off of the city and state members of the struct when you read them in, so for example it would look like:

instead of:

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of, if you dont want to take the addressof operator off, you can always read it in like


but the other way is used more often, and its a bit cleaner to read

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That did it, thanks!! But I am curious how does this change where it points to? i.e. isn''t that decided in the previous malloc assignment? Also why would this not effect the name pointer but only the city and state pointers, would it be order of allocation or their order in the structure? Still a little confused on it all, but thanks for showing me how to fix it!

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Guest Anonymous Poster
It didn''t change what it points to, you just gave it a different address.
"ptr" is a variable that holds a value that is some address in memory

"*ptr" is the value stored at the memory location stored by "ptr"

"&ptr" is the address of the variable "ptr"

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