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One more of my many questions

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pffff.... it''s difficult. Not many people appreciate what a dedicated game writer will mean in the long run (i.e. a strong storyline). It will certainly help you, career-wise, if you get some game design skills as well ("come for the design, stay for the writing" ).

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You really can''t just jump into the biz with a degree and expect to land a job as a game writer.

I assume you mean game writer as in the writer of the dialogue? Because there''s no such thing as a pure game designer. I''ve never heard of companies hiring people who do nothing but just ''think up'' stuff. The game design is usually a culmination of the thoughts and conceptual art of the artists, producers, programmers, and writers.

The best way to land a job as a writer is to do build up a portfolio. Do some articles for a newspaper. Maybe work on a nice, detailed, screenplay for a ficticious movie. Write a few books. Try and get them published. Make your presence known.

Then, go to a game company, and show them your credentials. Prove to them you have the imagination and writing ability to create a dialogue for their games.

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