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I''ve posted here before about the same problem but I was not specific enough and also I made some typos. I go to the library to go on the internet so I usually don''t check back for posts till next day. 1.I''m having problems getting my Game Core to work from Role-Playing Games in directX in chapter 10. First of all, I have DirectX 8.1 and when I compile Jim''s code the compiler says that the UpdateSkinnedMesh has 2 parameters instead of 3. And also GenerateSkinnedMesh has 5 parameters instead of 7. 2.The second problem is more concerned with Visual C++. The 2 Mesh functions from above reside in the d3dx8mesh.h and whenever I move that header into my header folder( or maybe when I actually look inside of it, I don''t remember anymore) I get alot of classes from that header files inside my class workspace. Is there a way to guard against that? If I left d3dx8mesh.h inside the External dependancies folder and looked inside it then would it still happen? 3. So after I placed some "0"''s for the extra parameters I had 0 errors and 0 warnings but there was one strange message: Compiling Game.cpp c:\desktop\game\dinput.h DIRECTINPUT_VERSION undefined defaulting to version 0x800 Linking... Game.exe 0 error(s) 0warning(s) 4.The minute I started this project and before I compiled it I typed in all the libraries from the DXSDK/lib folder since I don''t know which headers reside in which library. Anyways after I compiled then Visual C++ erased all those libraries and I had to start all over in order to link! I probably sound ignorant but I haven''t read any book yet which explains which headers belong to which libraries. And thanks in advance; I''ll be back in a day or two.

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