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Things to learn to be an artist

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2d or 3d?... b&w or color?..

in fact, you MUST known
-photoshop or some "clone" (for 2d)
-3dstudio Max, maya or some "clone" (for 3d)

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I got into the games industry, first by learning to use software (3D Studio MAX PSP PhotoShop etc) and then by building up a portfolio... (this was the purpose of my website...to showcase work) It''s important you show versatility, not just in your choice of mediums but also styles. (2D 3D Tradtional paint, pencil etc)

Next persue the developers for jobs...its daunting at first, ecspecially if you get alot who aren''t interested. Also, join up with Games Industry Agencies. They will help you by contacting companies on your behalf, putting you forward for interviews in addition to your own efforts.

The Games industry is in a good position atm, so if you want a job, go get it

Since I''m in the UK the agencies I used won''t be much good to you...but look around and you should be able to find US equivalent agencies.

You should of course also contact companies yourself, bear in mind you''ll have to hunt down contact numbers for developers.

Hope this helps...good luck!



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