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BSOD when starting a program

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When I start a program with DX and C++ (also the bilboard example in the SDK) windows will display the Blue Screen Of Death, and inmediatly restarts. How can I solve this? (this is since I formatted my C drive, but I re-installed DX sdk and visual studio). How can I solve this? Gerben

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Guest Anonymous Poster
does this occur when you run just a DX application (not from inside VC++)?
if so, it may be your drivers.
have you reinstalled the latest drivers for your video card since reformatting?

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I''d also suggest drivers.

Motherboard drivers are as crucial as graphics card ones too. Sound card drivers can sometimes interfere (I had an issue ages ago where I was getting occasional blue screens with graphics apps - and a combination of mobo and sound drivers fixed it!)

Also check the system devices properties in the control panel for any hardware conflicts.

Try running DXDIAG (go to Start->Run... and enter "DXDIAG") - this will diagnose components for obvious problems.

Simon O''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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You''re obivously running an NT variant (as 9x doesn''t BSOD), and since it reboots by default, you must be runnong 2k or XP.
You can turn off the automatically reboot feature, so you can read the BSOD if you want.
Control Panel->System->Advanced->StartUp & Recovery
uncheck Automatically Restart

Odd are good it''s a driver bug, most likely video. A user app cannot directly cause a BSOD, it has to be a bug in a kernel mode driver that the app makes use of.

IRQL_NOT_LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL usually means a page-fault occured in a privelaged ISR - which is a no-no, and means the ISR has a bug - it either read from 0 or jumped-off into never-ever land.

I''ve seen overheated video cards cause hardware faults that result in BSOD.

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actually win9x does BSOD. just looks a bit different (ie not as imformitive. also it dont reboot automatically, but the actual error that occers can cause the system to just spontanously reboot when press a key to continue.

solution? install the latest mobo drivers and video card drivers. sound card drivers as well. since it may be actually dx crashing due to the graphics drivers then windows using dx to play the beep with dsound that causes the BSOD or the reboot.

user mode apps that use dx can cause BSODs even with good drivers. just pass some bad data to certain dx functions since dx runs at kernal level. its especially easy when dealing with directshow filters (since they run in kernal mode). most drivers dont check that all the parms are good for the sake of speed. this is why you must be extra careful when dealing with dx apps.

do the sampels crash when you run them BEFORE starting runnign your app? ie you do a clean boot and then run an UNMODIFIED sdk sample. if they run fun, its likly your code is leaving dx in a bad state (ie you trashed some dx memory for insatnce overwriting an array returned by dx which is VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY bad since it can potentially overwrite vtable stuff and many other bad things can happen). running killhelp (part of the dx sdk) sometimes fixes this (by unloading ddhelp causing dx to be completely be reloaded on the next use). just make sure there are no other dx apps running, otherwise with wont work.

it seems like though just a hardware conflict or driver problem. make sure all your hardware is using the correct driver (sometimes windows may pick the wrong driver). also update all the drivers.

also make sure if you runing xp, you dont install dx again, just the sdk headers, samples and docs.

why did you format before? its quite possible you did not install the correct mobo drivers right after the system first booted. this can cause much trouble.

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