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Class pointers

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Original post by Zoot
NuffSaid, i want to create instantiate of the class later using the classlist.

Yes, LordShade class *classlist[128]; is legal.

I should have read the first post more closely. You will have to do runtime typing.

Also, I believe "class" is a keyword that ultimately compiles out to mean structure. Thus,

class* classlist[128]

is compiled out to

structure* classlist[128]

which means you don''t have a type defined so the compiler has no idea what type you are asking to store. Sure it can allocate the storage, a pointer is a pointer no matter what, but trying to assign something to it, well now, that''s when the compiler sits up and goes, "HUH!?"

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Zoot - C++ supports (currently ? Oh, please! Please! *beg* *grovel* Gimme! Please! )neither reflexion nor metaclasses. You can, however implement an abstract factory. See also this link in the C++ FAQ-Lite.

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[edited by - Fruny on December 31, 2002 3:50:27 AM]

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