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A few questions

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1). What do the 9 parameters to gluLookAt() mean? I'm guessing eye is where the camera is, center is where it focuses, but what the heck are the last 3 - the 'up' ones? 2). This isn't really opengl, but, what is the best way to do arkanoid collision detection (circle with rectangles, storing the block's positions, etc.) 3). How do I get the current coordinates of my mouse? 4). Last, does anybody have a function that draws a sphere? [edited by - tarun713 on June 30, 2002 6:46:53 PM]

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I can help on a couple, but not all.

1) "Up" is simply the vector of up. So, for a person, it would be a line coming upwards out of their head. Normally this is (0,1,0)

3) NeHe''s Lesson 32 uses mouse movement.
You''ll have to download the code to get what you are looking for, though.

4) Take a look at gluSphere()

void gluSphere( GLUquadricObj *qobj,
GLdouble radius,
GLint slices,
GLint stacks )

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