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My first game!!!

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Hi peeps, i''ve "completed" my first game its a DOS based version of the towers of hanoi. There are three pegs A,B+C to start with Peg A has a series of rings the smallest on top and the largest on the bottom. The goal is to acheive this same order on Peg B in the minimum number of moves possible. Two main rules exist 1. A larger ring may not be placed on top of a smaller one 2. Only one ring at a time may be moved. Please tell me what u think of it, there are obviously some things to improve upon, but ur comments would be appreciated. http://www.geocities.com/puterpaul2002/index.html

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Firstly, for a DOS text-game its quite adequate.
Having said that I''ll also give you the bad news of a bug in the game.
If you play the game, make a move, then go back to main menu and then go back to the game the state of the game is wrong.
For example I moved from A to B so that i had
A - 2 3
B - 1
C -
then I left the game (went to main menu) and then reentered the game and I had
A - 1 2 3
B - 1
C -

I''d be consistent. Quitting the current game (re-setting the state) back to the original would be my preferred option as otherwise there doesn''t seem to be a way to "start over"

Otherwise not bad.
Keep it up - the more games people write the merrier.

Gobsmacked - by Toby Murray

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