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ParaGUI craps out

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I''m using ParaGUI in MSVC++ 6 on WinXP Pro. I ran the two test applications that come with the library and both ran fine. When I compiled the first tutorial file (tut1.cpp) the window appeared OK and the app ran till I exited. But when I tried to compile the second tutorial file (tut2.cpp) the program caused Windows to shut it down after a few seconds, much like a pointer error. I started commenting things out and learned that the app crashes whenever widgets are used - in the second tut the app tries to create a button. None of the other tuts run for more than a second or two as well. I even tried compiling dblbuff.cpp which is the same as dblbuff.exe and it wouldn''t run, even though the .exe file ran fine. I scoured the docs but I couldn''t find anything that clued me in as to why widget creation was crashing the comp. So while I''m sitting here scratching my head I was wondering if anyone else had some ideas. Thx. _________________________________________________________________ Drew Sikora A.K.A. Gaiiden ICQ #: 70449988 AOLIM: DarkPylat Blade Edge Software Staff Member, GDNet Public Relations, Game Institute 3-time Contributing author, Game Design Methods , Charles River Media (coming April/May 2002) Online column - Design Corner at Pixelate Unnoficial IGDA chat! [polaris.starchat.net -> #igda] NJ IGDA Chapter - NJ developers unite!! [Chapter Home | Chapter Forum]

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*raises hand*

Don''t use ParaGUI?
Of course you already heard my take on this.

"Don''t be afraid to dream, for out of such fragile things come miracles."

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