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MFC Question regarding Comboboxes

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Hi. quick question that has me tearing my hair out (Which means that the answer is probably obvious !) I have a dialogue box which contains a combo box. I am trying to load the combobox data from my code as below, but It fails on the assertion. Any ideas / Suggestions ?

void CMyDlg::LoadClassList()

	CString strTemp1;
	CString strTemp2;
	CString strTemp3;
	CString strTemp4;

	//Set Up the Combo Box For Drawing

	// Delete all the items from the combo box.

	ASSERT(m_ClassList.GetCount() == 0);

	//Loop through all Classes in the Class System and Add them to the Combo Box in

	//The order they are stored in the Class List (so get Common Index)

	m_ClassList.AddString( strTemp1 );
	m_ClassList.AddString( strTemp2 );
	m_ClassList.AddString( strTemp3 );
	m_ClassList.AddString( strTemp4 );


Thanks, Bp.

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int GetCount( ) const;

Return Value

The number of items. The returned count is one greater than the index value of the last item (the index is zero-based). It is CB_ERR if an error occurs.


Call this member function to retrieve the number of items in the list-box portion of a combo box.

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Where are calling your LoadClassList()?

you should call it at WM_INITDIALOG and not at Create
Cos at the time, the comobobox has not been created yet.

Correct me if i''m wrong.

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At the moment I am calling that function at the bottom of the constructor for the Dialog box.

I''ll move it to be called on the message and see what happens.

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I have solved the first problem (I was calling the code from the dlg constructor. By calling it from teh combobox initialisation message I can be sure that the combobox has been created.

My new problem is the adding of data to the box. If I hard code it from teh dialog resource editor I can''t get the drop down section of the list to display, but if I click in the box and push the down key I can scroll through the box. But I can''t add the data to the box using the AddString() method. I think my problem is more fundamental, either I have not configured the box correctly or I misunderstand how to use it.

I would not have thought that I would need to display the drop down list, but that it would have happened automatically ?

If I use the AddString() or InsertString() methods I get an assert error again, but according to my documentation I don''t need to allocate memory before pushing data to the combobox.

Hope this helps you help me !


p.s. Just read Invader X Post again. Thanks for telling me what I already knew, I guess that either you just wanted to post or you didn''t read my question.

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