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Wrong Code Design?

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Hi everyone, I''ve build a class in c++ called CDraw which hides the DirectDraw specifics for other objects. CDraw has methods like SetResolution, Blt, SetColor etc. How do I give objects that need to have acces to these functions acces? My current method is giving these objects a pointer to CDraw in their constructors, but since their can be 1000s of instances of objects using CDraw in a game, this seems like bad code practicing. Further more, these objects may need acces to CInput, CShow, CPlay etc. later on as well. What''s the common method of giving all these classes acces to them? Tristan

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you could use singletons, but I prefer to make a global instance of the rendering/input/scene classes. This is since

1) there is one and only going to be one instance of these objects in the engine.
2) You can then do Render.DoSomething() instead of if( NULL!=Render) Render->DoSomething()
3) You explicitly set the constructor/destructor order of these global instances, which may be important. i.e. memory manager class gets created before the debug class ... etc

I have 2 files Globals.h/.cpp.

The globals.h just has the externs to the classes instances.

extern CRender Render;

Then in the .cpp have the instance.

CRender Render;

But it depends on what you prefer.

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That sound like exactly what I need:
thanks a lot! I''ll start digging into the
"extern" keyword to see how it works.

Again: thanks for putting me on track.

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