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Directx problem

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Ok, it''s not really all programming question but it''s related to Directx. I have an Intel intergrated graphics chip and almost all the games that used Direct3D were working fine before. But suddenly, for example, Midtown Madness 2 wouldn''t let me run using Direct3D hardware rendering. It would always render in software mode which really produces bad graphics. Same with other games. Most of the games give me an error mesage that can''t run in Direct3D mode or the game needs a 3D video card. When I try to run a Directx or OpenGL demo, it runs really slow or gives me an error with the code (only after this problem occurs). I tried running a demo from PSC which was written with VB and it ran very slow compared to how it ran before the problem didn''t exist. I tried another demo and when I tried running it, it have me an error of some part of Directx that refers two a Direct3D structure (in the code). This problem has occurred like 3 times before and I always have to reinstall my OS in order to make it normal again. Now, when I run Directx Diagnostic, the button to enable of disable "DirectDraw Acceleration", "Direct3D Acceleration", and "AGP Texture Acceleration" is disabled and it says it''s "Not Available" (BTW, that''s under the "Display") tab. I have tried reinstalling Directx and also latest driver for my video card (although it used to work great with the same driver before) but still the same problem. If anybody knows how to fix it WITHOUT reinstalling my whole OS then it would be great!

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Try installing:

- new motherboard drivers (these are *vital* for good performance)

- new graphics chip drivers (if they come separately)

- any service packs for your OS (Win2k has issues with DX unless you service pack it for example).

BTW: 99% of the time, things like this DON''T happen "suddenly" - its always as a result of something such as:

- installing new software - a badly written installer could wipe out some of your DX/mobo settings

- user fiddling with: display settings, BIOS settings, OS settings, graphics settings, overclocking programs etc.

Simon O''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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