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wis mak

3DS object loading??

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How do I make use of the local axis coordinates and center of an object in a 3ds file? Another question: When I wrap a turos/cube/... with a texture and export the object to 3ds file format, the texture coordinates u and v don''t change, as if the texture were not tiled. How do I make 3DS MAX store the correct u and v for tiling? Thanks.

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Since some people don't quite get it, the following things will not help you get a response:

This just annoys people who see you wasting bandwidth. Even if those people knew the answer they might be turned off by poor netiquette.

Bumping with "Please" and "Someones got to know this" posts only a few hours after posting
You're just showing people how impatient you are. Some will even interpret this as a demanding attitude. This is a message board, not a chat room. Depending on the question it might take a whole day for the right person to login and see your post. Be patient and others will be more than happy to help.

Creating a new nick for every other question
Why people do this I don't know. With a nick you are building connections with other people. If you constantly create new identities people will have a hard time knowing what level you are at and what you already know. Its also possible people will think that a large number of people are asking the same question and simply refer you to your earlier posts rather than help you.

And now some things that will help you get a response (these are general tips so most do not apply to this post)

Always be polite: The only response a rude or demanding question will get is flames.

Be detailed: Most people want to help, but when confronted by a post like "I have errors, what should I do?" they can't. List what you are trying to do, what you have done, what you are doing it with, and what is not doing what its supposed to do (including error messages).

Be patient: Most people have lives and so they only check this message board once a day, maybe even less. If your question is common knowledge you can expect a quick response, sometimes within a few minutes if you get lucky. Normally you should give at least 12-16hrs to allow for people in other time zones to respond. If you don't get *any* responses by then you might post a simply "bump", though too many bumps is bad. In the case that you need an *instant* response you can go to the Gamedev IRC Chat channel and see if anyone has an answer.

[edited by - michalson on July 15, 2002 12:11:19 PM]

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