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Glut or Glaux?

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I got OpenGL Programming Guide Third Ed. and it''s example uses glut to create windows. Then I jump into my compiler(all of them - MSVC, Borland, and Dev C++) and can''t seem to find the glut header file. All I see is glaux.h and almost everything in it is what''s supposed to be in glut just with the glaux prefix. Which should I use? And if I should use glut, where do I get the header file and libraries? Also, I know NeHe has a great tutorial on opening a window for OpenGL in Windows, but is there anywhere else that explain it too? Preferably somewhere where all of the GL calls are seperate from Windows calls or a little better of an explaination on what pixel format decriptors are/do. Thanks. "Ogun''s Laughter Is No Joke!!!" - Ogun Kills On The Right, A Nigerian Poem.

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Glut is not a standard part of OpenGL and is therefore not ditributed with compilers. Just go to OpenGL.org and search on glut and you can find all the source files to create the glut library. Here''s the link.

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