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Code Help, The X Files plus animation (yikees)

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Hi i just needed some general and game programming questions solved... Thanks in advance to anyone that helps. Firstly, which one of the two following program codes, should i use... Is there any difference.... struct ShipData { char *m_cShipName; //The name of the ship //Hull Information char m_cShipHull; }; class cShip { //Declare a member of the pre defined structure ShipData m_Ship; public: cShip(); ~cShip(); }; --- or --- class cShip { char *m_cShipName; //The name of the ship //Hull Information char m_cShipHull; public: cShip(); ~cShip(); }; Secondly, im working on a 3D Engine, and am still in the stage where i need to initialize Direct3D... However, can someone explain to me on how to display and animate *.X files... I have the DirectX SDK 8.1, and viewed the example, especially the one with the Tiger tutorial. Just to see how well it works, i opened the code, and changed the .X file which it opens from *.X to Dolphin.X which also comes with the SDK. Now, when i run the code, i cannot clearly see the Dolphin, however, if i use the Mesh Viewer Utility, i can see the dolphin properly. Why is this so. Does this mean that the code to open and display a *.X file is different for each file, or did i just do something wrong. I have read some articles on parsing *.X files, but want to expand, and learn how to display *.X files efficiently. Also, can someone give me a brief insite in how to perform some movements to the animation. What i mean is how do i map the keyboard, so that when i press a certain key, the animation of the object changes slightly, to show that it is moving or attacking, or something like that. I just started using 3D Studio Max, and came accross MaxScript. Does it have anything to do with that. Thanks to anyone, who reads through this post, and responds. I will try and respond to any questions you may have. Thanks again Karan

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