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Dean Johnson

How to measure?

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I posted this in the Beginners forum but got no reply: All right I know there might be a few ways to do this so I will just tell you what I have and what I am trying to do. I have an .x model of a craft that I load. I also have the .3ds file if that helps too. The craft us going to fall to a planet using an equation I have. The only problem is that I don’t know how to measure in my 3D world. I position my model 1000 units up Y and 5000 back on Z. I figure I could calculate the size in feet or meters by figuring out how tall my model would be in feet or meters and then dividing the result by the height of the model in the units used in the 3D world. But how do I find the height of the model in the 3D world? Is there a way I can do this in 3D studio Max? The way I am getting my model is that I export the model to the .x file format using a plug-in. Thanks

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well, I think you wont have more luck here, because this is definitely a programming question... you should check the 3D programming or maybe DirectX/OpenGL forums ?
One thing I can say as a programmer though, is that what matters for your formulas will be to use relative distances : if you define your planet with a radius of 1 and your ship with a size of .00001, or your ship with a size of 1 and the planet with a radius of 10000, it should work out the same (kinda, it''s all down to you scaling up or down whichever you want to be your reference).

Hope it helps, but I am sure the 3D programming geeks will be more help

Sancte Isidore ora pro nobis !

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