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Radiosity question

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hi, unfortunately, for all articles i´ve read even though the one you suggested me, i have failed to understand completely to put the theory in praxis. the form factor calculation would be no problem for me, i have decided to to this using ray tracing since the explanation about hemicubes totaly confused me. but i have a problem with gathering the energy transfer. i have used some code like this, only on coplanar patches, ignoring form factors for now:
// initialize all patches, setting emission of all of them to black except for those that act as light sources. set a reflectance coefficient to some value between 0 and 1

for (each patch i )
    if patch i is a lightsource then
      set emission to some nonzero value
      set emission to zero
    reflectance of patch i = some value between 0 and 1
    incident light = 0
    excident light = 0

// now gather energy transfer  between patches:

while not ok
  for (each patch i)
     sum_excident = 0
     for (each patch j != i)
       add excident light of patch j to sum_excident
     patch i incident = sum_excident
     patch i excident = emission + reflectance * incident
this code works not well. actually, patches that are intially light sources become black and vice versa! and if my mesh has a greater resolution, i need more passes to get the same level of illumination. can someone aid me to get it working? i just can´t get things out since almost all articles were very opaque to me. thanks Gammastrahler

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Guest Anonymous Poster
have you already read

there is all necessery information you could need for a halfway decent radiosity processor...

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