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I would like to write a text-based game using c++. Does anyone know of a tutorial I could download or a online tutorial? I don''t mean an editer or a program that lets you click and type then it creates the game. What I would like is to learn to use c++ to make a text based game from the ground up. Please Help.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Here are two Links. The first is to a three part parser text adventure tutorial and the second is to a text strategy tutorial. I hope that is helpful.



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Andre Lamothe''s "Tricks of the Windows Programming Gurus" contains a bonus chapter (only on the cd) on writing text adventures. I haven''t looked it over, but i''m pretty sure it contains a simple command parser (not sure how many words per command he uses, regardless you could build upon it). As well as how to handle objects, and room descriptions.

If you are interested let me know, and I''ll e-mail it to you.

I also have a book from the mid 80''s from compute!, that covers text-game design. It is written in Basic. So if you have some knowledge of basic you can adapt it to c++. It uses a token[verb] token[object] scheme ignoring erroneous text.
(it also only looks at the first 3 letters of any token word)
(you can easily bump it up to 4 characters)
ALL of these would translate to the same command.

take candle
tak can (be careful not to have a can and a candle)
take the funny looking candle
cand tak

let me know if you are interested... (the basic code ic ould type up and e-mail to you as well)

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