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my gcc-MAKE has DIED due to a compiler bug

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Does anyone recognize this error message? It has completely killed my ''make.exe''. assertion "*p2 != ''\0''" failed: file "/tantor/build/nintendo/arm-000512/i686-cygwin32/src/make/read.c", line 866 I got it when I run GNU Make (version 3.77 for the ARM processor with GCC 2.9) on a program I''ve been working with, and after I got the message ''make'' doesn''t work at all any more. Projects I were able to rum ''make'' on before have now become impossible to make, and even using a simple makefile on a simple file with only "int main() {return 0;}" in doesn''t work - I only get the strange error message. According to the internet, this is due to a bug in the compiler kit. I''ve reinstalled the compiler and make and the other compiler-stuff 5 times and also tried to erase settings in the windows register dealing with the compiler kit, but also after doing that I still get the strange error. Does anyone know how to solve the problem? Right now I use a ''make.bat'' file to build my program but this takes pretty much time since I have to compile every single .cc file again (of course I could write my own ''make'' program, but perhaps I should post a post here first ).

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