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Small Color Disorentation On Screen

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First of all, you should know that DX doesnt put some data on the backbuffer and other on the frontbuffer. They all are on backbuffer and are flipped to frontbuffer with the Present function (if u are using DX8, or Flip for 7 or earlier i think).
The problem you are describing might be caused of several reasons. First of all, are you using the latest drivers for your card? Also, please explain the problem some more, can you? Im not sure what it is.

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I suppose I should explain the concept a bit better in case it
comes along again.

When you''re passing the size of a RECT to a blitting function
in DirectDraw, it should look like 0,0,640,480 as opposed to

However, when you''re giving DirectDraw coordinates, you''d use
0-639 or 0-479.

"da da da"

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