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-=Artists needed=-

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Hey everyone, We are looking for artists for a MMORTS/Space Sim game, We will be using 3D models for this game, with a polygon count that allows our graphics to be in competition with games out there. It doesn''t really matter which studio you are using, although 3D Studio Max would be nice. Concept artists are also welcome. if interested Email our project leader at: FireBall.xx@verizon.net , for more information or visit us at: www.SolNet.tk (Temporary site layout) Later, Johnny_Blaze

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Bwah, our site (www.sherman3d.com) looks a lot better then yours ^_^

When you want to find 3d modellers (like we do as well), make sure that you got a site to show them. Also, it is pretty usefull if you also can show a little progress. Right now, your game seems to be still in the design state. It doesn't really need any artists yet.

Perhaps you could first work on the technical engine, implement some nice programmer art, and *then* hunt for 3d-modellers... I mean, hey, as soon as you got *something* to show them, they are a lot more willing to join your team usually

A good example would be our Karawachi demo (located here). We started work with no models at all. Right now, we only got two ships and a station (and a few balls, but could hardly call that art).

But we got something to show. Now it is time to hunt for some low-poly 3d modellers ^_^ (modellers are always welcome to visit our forums off course: forums.sherman3d.com)

Best Wishes,

Maarten Leeuwrik

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Hey guys. A low-poly resource with you in mind. For all your 3D needs, check out www.igdar.com . Every thing from concept to 3D. No limits and totally customizable art. Tell us what you want, and we'll create concept art which can be used to promote your concept and provide the low-poly which can make for a much more effective and concept specific proof of concept. www.igdar.com Site can only be viewed with Internet Explorer. Netscape version coming soon.

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