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can thou give the full screen code ?

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Peace upon thee , Let me first send all my thanks to thee,As thee helped thou much with the OpenGL tutorials, but there is one proplem .........,I prefer using MFC Visual C++ for OpenGL programing as i think it give a good user interface in addition to power , anyway since thy code had been written in C , i have started to transform the the code to C++ with MFC help , It goes ok ,I finished transforming the code and it worked in window mode , I used SDI (signle document interface) ,But the real proplem was started when i worked on the full screen mode ,For some reason i dont know yr code cant be implemnted ,I managed to change screen resoultion but still cant make the OpenGL screen start.....( I took me 2 days just trying to fix it ...but no use) MR.Jeff Molofee can u give me a help about how shall i do it ?

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