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Space Partitioning and Vertex Rendering Speed

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Hi, i formyself try to optimize vertex submission when rendering. To achieve this, i use either triangle strips or triangle fans, depending on what would be suitable. This works and gives good results, but now the problem: I´m just about to implement a bsp tree to subdivide my world. If i do this, i can no longer do these optimizations! Consider, for example, a very smooth curved top of a cylinder: the best to render this is using a triangle fan. But what is if a bsp plane crosses my cylinder? i´m no longer able to do this! this brings me to the next question: how is this done in quake III ? In a QuakeIII demo source from, they use exlusively triangle fans to draw the faces. can someone point me in the correct direction? thanks Gammastrahler [edited by - Gammastrahler on July 16, 2002 8:13:46 AM]

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