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Structure of a 3D-engine

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Hi, I have some programming experience in Java and pascal, and I wanted to make a 3D engine I can use for small stupid games (or to make a spinning cube, or whatever). I already made an attempt at this (for school) and it worked more or less, however it was really crappy (only wireframe models). I used some online tutorials, and the book "The Black Art of Java Game Programming" for that (it has two chapters about 3D). Anyway, I''m not at all afraid of the math and I think I can do it, but I just don''t know where to start! How is a 3D-engine structured? When do I calculate what? How do I make a 3D solid object? ...? ...? So, I was wondering if anyone could name a good book for me to start with, or, (cheaper!!) some good internet sites, or articles about it? Thanks! Adriaan

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Guest Anonymous Poster

You''re already posting on a very good site to answer your very questions :O) try searching around the For Beginners forum and the Graphics Programming and Theory forum, although be prepared with the latter to do a lot of searching to avoid the real technical chats.

try www.flipcode.net I think that has a 3d geometry primer on it that could lead you to bigger and better things....oh! and try looking through the articles section here on GameDev, it''s a real WEALTH of information, you just need the patience to read through and find what really applies to you.

...also....try putting in searches on www.google.com for things like "3d +graphics +programming +tutorials" or something like that....

www.programmersheaven.com may also have the odd piece of source code to help you on your way too....:O)

Hope that helps in some small way...good luck...


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