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sprintf for strings

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I was wondering how to use the sprintf type of function layout for a string... not a CString an std::string. there is an sprintf, but you need to have a buffer and so also must know a maximum size... Id really rather not need to know the max because im displaying a tree and because of its recursive nature it would be hell doing it this way.. is there a simple way i can some how do this:

//rather do it this way:

std::string str;
str = ***printf("x: %i\ny: %i\nz: %i\n", x, y, z);

//doing it this way:

std::string str;
str = "x: ";
str += x;
str += "\ny: ";
str += y;
str += "\nz: ";
str += z;
str += "\n";

the second way.. the current method is such a pain.. so i am looking for an alternative... thanx for the help ahead of time!!! dwiel ~ tazzel3d

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