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Direct Input problem (please help)

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ive just finished the book game programming all in one (good book), during the book you build a directX 8 engine for simple 2d games. For input it uses DX8 and uses GetDeviceState for every key on the keyboard. so if im doing a game i check the state of a key using this function and then do whatever depending on that. Now theres a small physics engine in the book and to move an object i would check the state of the keyboard and then use a function such as applyLinearForce() to this object. however i want to do a game using grid based movement so if the left key was pressed id do if(!AtFarthestXPoint) xPos+=1; this isnt the actual code obviously the problem is pressing the key once will move the object to the furthest x position. So i was wondering if there was away to slow this down, ive tried setting the key to 0 in the buffer i pass to GetDeviceState() thanks in advance

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