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Proxima Rebellion - An action game with strategy elements

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This has been underway for several months but I thought I''d officially announce it. Proxima Rebellion will have fast-paced combat action, but there will be a slight bit of strategy involved. Three classes of units are planned: Aerial combat unit - A futuristic aircraft that hovers and moves about much like a Harrier jet. Ground combat unit - heavily armored unit for land only. Sea combat/carrier unit - Heavy armor, and can transport and refeul ground units. Can refeul air units. You will also be able to perform certain tasks as a foot-soldier, such as infiltration and technology theft. No release date is planned. The project will move along as fast as I can push it. This is my first game design so have patience. A rough concept demo is available at the website: Proxima Rebellion The game still has a long way to go though. Value of good ideas: 10 cents per dozen. Implementation of the good ideas: Priceless. Proxima Rebellion - A 3D action sim with a hint of strategy

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