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what if i want do some interesting.. maibe ;)

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Ok, me goal is make a pure graph library, is fun learn OGL and DX, but i am more interesting in the part of How i do that??? the underlaying and all the stuff, i am interesting in all parts, setup of the window (OGL uses some like int 13h)?? (i know it not use), in the simples draw or primitive draws, in 2D and in 3D in trees, in projections, in particle system, D3 sound, the control of the mouse and the keyboard and optimizations for the code. Ok, if you know documents in the web sure i am very happy if you tell me where, for read( i don''t have money for buy some books), but if you can tell me one book I try to get the book. Or if you can tell me some things, i have some ideas of how i can do some tings, but maibe not is the correct way, ok the time maibe tell us . plz, tell me sources, pages, books, any can help is great. See you later, thanks and sorry for me bad english

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i see ya,

but i am finding information, i am more interesting in the deploy of a library than learn in this moment all the ogl or dx,

plz think i am not very happy if i use some i don''t do...

and for be happy i need to try implement some of the techniques and algorithms that they use, maibe i don''t gona make a good library, but be sure is only for practice and have fun time.

Ok, you know now i am only curious of how the libraries do some things i want to know how do it.

thx, cya.

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aaa, maibe you tell me this yea, i try to read all, thx

its what iam searching, if you have another good link you can tell me plz



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