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D3D8.1 Release Mode Insanity

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Hey all... I''ve recently written a testbed D3D class for building my game on, and have been implementing separate game objects (particles and such) separately just to get them working for integration at a later date. I''ve discovered a problem with my particles though, which I believe is actually related to the vertex buffers. When I run the program in debug build I get no problems, but when I run the release build random particles begin to appear at the origin after the first particle dies in the system. The real anomaly is that it only occurs for one of the systems (I have four different systems going on screen at once). If I replace the system in the app setup with an instance of another class (ie: m_pChaos = new CSystemSparks(...); instead of m_pChaos = new CSystemChaos(...) it will create random particles of the new system at the origin (the proper new shape, but random colours). Like I said, there are four systems running at once, and this problem only occurs for one of them and only at Release Build time. The issue doesn''t seem to be code specific since it doesn''t occur in any particular derived class but in a particular instance of the class. Any Ideas?

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Damn... should have said ''Release Build'', not ''Release Mode''.

Forgive me for bringing this topic into the first page again so people can actually see it.

If anyone has experienced any similar or related problems (ie: some D3D8 code that behaved differently in debug and release builds) and managed to locate the source please let me know.

Just for fun, here are some specs:
P3 733 w/ 1Gb SDRAM running WinXP Pro
GeForce2 GTS 32Mb using Detonator v29.42
DirectX 8.1 Debug Runtime

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Generally if it works in Debug, but not Release then it means you''re doing something wrong somewhere and the Debug library is catching it for you.

Have you cranked up the Debug level and checked the output? Tried it out using the Reference Rasterizer?

Stay Casual,

Drunken Hyena

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