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problem w/ glext.h?

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I have been reading tutorials on multitexturing and extenstions. I desided to write a class that manages them for my engine. The problem w/ it is that when i compile the file glext.h it generates 204 errors such as: ======================================================== c:\nvsdk\opengl\include\glh\gl\glext.h(1481) : error C2071: ''PFNGLBLENDCOLORPROC'' : illegal storage class c:\nvsdk\opengl\include\glh\gl\glext.h(1481) : error C2059: syntax error : '')'' c:\nvsdk\opengl\include\glh\gl\glext.h(1482) : error C2065: ''GLenum'' : undeclared identifier c:\nvsdk\opengl\include\glh\gl\glext.h(1482) : error C2146: syntax error : missing '')'' before identifier ''mode'' c:\nvsdk\opengl\include\glh\gl\glext.h(1482) : error C2165: ''left-side modifier'' : cannot modify pointers to data ========================================================== these errors happen to almost if not all the objects in the header. I cant seem why it is generating these errors? If you can help me out that would be greatly appreciated! : ^ ) - Lurking

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