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Ms3d Skeletal Animation...

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Hi! I'm a kind of a newbie to OpenGL programming and i'm making making a demo in wich i wanted to include an animated ms3d model, the question is i really don't understand exactly what's the information stored in .ms3d files. I've already read the sdk documentation but didn't understand what's really stored (is it all relative data? Is it all absolute data?). I'm also having trouble in understanding why in the Ms3d skeletal animation tutorial it keeps rotating "something" by "something's" inverse matrix. In conclusion i didn't understand much about loading .ms3d files, if you could give me some other links or informations where i can hold on. Thank u all for your time. Best Regards AlexJzzGtr. [edited by - AlexJzzGtr on July 17, 2002 9:20:47 AM]

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umm... pretty sure I didn''t write rotating "something" by "something" in the tut. I think I explained each term, but if not (or not well enough!) please let me know - just email me some more specific questions.

The MS3D file format in the SDK is ok, except for the htings you''ve mentioned. However, hopefully with my code and the ASCII loader Mete provides (which I used to figure it out) should be enough.

Brett Porter
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Is it just me or the new version of your Milkshape
importer causes an error in WinXP? I have a feeling that
it has something to do with your textures as putting
the new model without the textures into the old importer
works fine but it crashed when I put the textures in.

BTW, great tutorial there! I really love it and I have learned a lot from it. Thanks! ^_^

Best regards,
Sherman Chin

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Guest Anonymous Poster
The skeletontut didnt work for me either (Win Xp).

But I removed everything that had anything to do with the class ''Quaternion'' and changed everything with for example Matrix& matrix to Matrix *matrix. Had to change som dots (.) to -> too and add & when it wasnt a pointer.

So after a lot of remaking it works for me. Compiled with Visual C++ 6.0.

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