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I made a very simple model in MilkShape 3D. It consists of two parts. The first part is texture mapped. The other has just diffuse color. I exported this model to a .X file, and loaded it in my D3D8 app. The part the is textured shows up textured and beautiful, but the colored part just shows up as white. I''m guessing this has something to do with Render States or Texture Stages, but I''m not sure what... Anyways, all I want is to have the textures and diffuse show up properly.

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I had the same problem with materials turning out to be
white while they are acutally different colors.

I found out that once i added a light, the problem was fixed.
You might also want to try lowering the D3D ambient light.

Hope this helps

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Yup. the materials show up now

I tried adding some ambient light, tho, and it doesn't seem to work... anything not lit stays black...

hmmm... none of this seems to be working properly... my light is a point light... I'm moving my object around, but the light always hits the same spot... I set the range to 0.3f and nothing changed...

I think I'm doing something really wrong...

-edit (again):
ok, everything works now :D

[edited by - BlabberBoy on July 17, 2002 7:10:51 PM]

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